Friday, November 7, 2014

Vains of Jenna: The Art of Telling Lies - Album Review


The country of Sweden is famous for it's neutrality during wartime,  delicacies like Swedish Fish and the culinary skills of the Swedish Chef.  They are also know for exporting musical atrocities such as Ace of Base, Roxette, ABBA, a steady supply of unlistenable Death Metal bands..... and Vains of Jenna.

A few of the tracks from The Art of Telling Lies showed up in shuffle lately and reminded me how great this album is.  Their debut album was truly awful.  Since that debut VOJ must've met a groupie named "Melody" and dry humped her until they were chaffed because these Swedish Meatballs figured out how to WRITE SONGS.  Simply put, this album fucking rocks.
Cover/Packaging:  The artwork and packaging is cool.  The cover reminds me of the original poster for the unwatchable movie Detroit Rock City.  The pictures of the band reveal that there is no sun in Sweden,  nor have they met the Swedish chef.

They look famished and the total weight of all 4  band members with their guitars and each holding an amp is about 450 pounds.

Vibe:  The CD has  a tight 10 songs and there's only one that has permanently been deleted from my iTunes.   If Faster Pussycat and Guns N' Roses mated in the wild, this would be their bastard child.  It flows, the guitars are drenched in Sunset Strip sleaze, and they save the best for last with their title track.  They also have a killer cover of Tom Petty's "Refugee." It's one of those rare covers that stays true to the original but makes it their own like GNR's "Live and Let Die" and "Knockin on Heavens Door."

I recommend buying the physical copy, and not downloading select tracks because it is truly a solid album overall.  Even the ballads rock.

Alive:  Everyone Loves You When You're Dead, Mind Pollution, Refugee, Paper Heart, I Don't Care, Title Track

Rehab:  Get It On, Enemy in Me

Dead:  I Belong To Yesterday

Here's Mind Pollution.

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