Wednesday, September 21, 2011



So REM announced that they are officially calling it a day after 30 years of pretentiousness. I must confess no real emotion about this news.

The closest that REM got to being a band that I actually dug was the Monster album that they released in the early 90's. That album had a much more rock-oriented production and some catchy tracks that harkened back to 70's glam rock. The thing that kept me away from buying into the band on that record is, what I consider to be, one of the worst guitar solos by a major band in music history. While I'm sure Peter Buck wanted to turn heads with an innovative take on a melodic solo by using a backward playback for the recording, it winds up sounding like a seasick brontosaurus with bad gas. Truly cringe-inducing.

REM has largely been out of the spotlight over the last few years so I'd actually kinda forgotten about them. The news of their breakup dredges up horrifying memories of the Shiny Happy People video & Michael Stipe's constant political activism. Blech. So, for all of the die-hard REM fans that are readers/listeners (that would be -3 of you), I offer some sympathy in the form of the video below. Hang in there folks.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Episode 7 - Geekwire w/Mitch Lafon


Music Featured:
Theme: Manic Bloom
First Break: Oblivion Myth (6:41)
Second Break:  Hello Kelly (16:55)
Third Break: 3 Minutes to Live (25:15)
Fourth Break: Absinthe Junk (34:55)
Fifth Break: Fist of the North Star (41:33)

The show starts with an introduction to a new voice.  A voice of a different kind. A voice of a cheesehead headbanger from Wisconsin.  Aaron Camaro makes his official Decibel Geek debut with a quick history of his rock and metal background, his enduring fandom for Tuff, and why he would rather be on this crummy little podcast than sell-out to Top 40 radio.

The Geekwire segment is officially introduced with a quick discussion about Geekwire contributor Mitch Lafon from You’ll hear all about Mitch (as if you don’t already know if you’re a regular listener) and why he’s the best source of info for current rock and metal news.  We plan to have this type of rock news-related show every couple of weeks so you don’t have to strain your eyes reading it all the time.

Next we go in-depth with Vinnie Vincent’s musical output this week. Buckle up tight because it’s quite a ride!

We begin things with Mitch by getting his Alice Cooper Welcome 2 My Nightmare  mini-review  where Mitch shares his thoughts on the tracks and actually admits that he digs Ke$ha. Maybe we should reconsider this partnership. (just kidding Mitch)

Anthrax’s new release Worship Music is next on the docket with Mitch’s take on how Joey Belladonna adapted to the material that was originally written for former vocalist Dan Nelson and how much of the album was re-tracked after Nelson’s departure.

The discussion turns weird as we make our frightening predictions for the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration Lulu and pontificate on how they actually surpassed Death Magnetic for the band’s worst album cover ever. Chris’ take on Lars’ recent revelation of the band being reduced to tears by Lou Reed’s lyrics reminds him how he’s been reduced to tears from Lou’s out of tune vocals (check out the video for What’s Good if you want a shining example.

Discussion of KISS upcoming Monster album provides Mitch’s take on the title, what he’s heard from the KISS camp about the new tracks and the direction of the album. Mitch also mentions his disdain for Music from the Elder and Chris tries to convince him that some of the songs would work well in a live setting. Calls to Chris’ psychiatrist have not been returned.

Editor Note: This is a fake album cover. KISS is not endorsing energy drinks.

Gene Simmons upcoming wedding. Is it purely for ratings or has Gene realized that even groupies have an age limit? Chris and Mitch both agree that they are more excited about the next volume of Kissology and share their thoughts about what type of stuff is on their wish list for the next collection-o-KISS.

Next Mitch shares information gleaned from a recently discovered video on youtube for Peter CrissOut of Control title track that features all sorts of strange footage including crime scene footage, mountains of cocaine, guns, and huge stacks of cash; or, for Peter Criss of 1980, Tuesday.

The saga of Mike Portnoy and his multiple projects is discussed with Chris and Mitch’s take on why  he can’t seem to stay in a band, what happened with his severance to Dream Theater, and why is ego may be bigger than a southern state.

Mitch shares his thoughts on the passing of Jani Lane and relays his experiences of interviewing him over the years. Chris also shares his opinion on Jani’s passing and he and Mitch delve into their takes on Warrant’s reaction to the news.

We wind things up with Mitch with a discussion of the Morissey/Def Leppard press sparring that features Joe Elliott and the former Smith’s singer talking trash about each other in the press. The fact that a spat between these two is newsworthy tells you how sad the state of new music is these days. Nevertheless, we hash out the trash and Mitch points to possible trouble in the Def Leppard camp.

Aaron Camaro helps us put a bow on this ear candy with his take on Gene Simmons’ pending nuptials and an admission of reality show fandom.  Chris gets the last word with a teaser for the next episode that will include a discussion of Aaron Camaro’s side project that involves him hanging around with big, beefy dudes.  We’re still trying to come to grips with it. Anyway, quit reading this and go listen to the show!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Episode 6 - Rik Fox Interview (Part 2)


Direct Download

Rik Fox is a pioneer, artist, and has a unique perspective as an inside source of the rise of the American hard rock and heavy metal era of the 70s, 80s, and beyond. Rik witnessed the ascension of KISS, The New York Dolls, WASP, & Motley Crue, among others.

In Part 2 of this 2 part episode, Rik Fox takes you back to the early days of the L. A. metal scene, beginning with his time with W.A.S.P., the rise of Steeler, and brings us to current-day times, discussing new projects.

"It was a legendary time and Rik Fox is your tour guide. I had a blast talking with Rik and think you will love hearing his recollection of a great time in rock history."
- Chris Czynszak

Music Featured:

Theme Song: Manic Bloom
Opening and Closing: Former
1st Break: Hello Kelly
2nd Break: Fist of the North Star
3rd Break: Affliction Asylum
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