Monday, September 29, 2014

Keyboardist Discussion with Gary Corbett - Ep156

No previous guest has garnered more attention (and controversy) to the Decibel Geek podcast than Gary Corbett. And this week, he's back for a different reason.

This week Gary Corbett returns to the Decibel Geek Podcast to join Chris and Aaron in a discussion of notable keyboardists throughout rock and metal history. In this long-form conversation, the guys point out some of their favorite keyboard players and favorite keyboard/synthesizer parts of songs throughout rock history.

This in-depth discussion with Gary Corbett also includes personal stories of Gary's involvement with keys throughout his life; from his early days of piano lessons at age 4 to his love for the British Invasion to the influence of prog-rock on him throughout high school and into his work from the 80's onward with artists such as Cyndi Lauper, KISS, and Cinderella

A lot of laughs, personal memories, and great music throughout this hour-plus discussion on keyboardists. Join Gary, Chris, and Aaron on a trip down memory lane.

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Conversation with Gary Corbett Part 2

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Derik's Not Neccessarily Top 5 Live Albums

Throughout my years I have always tried to consider the musical opinions and tastes of others with an open mind. I may deliver a playful jab now and then, but for the most part, to each his own. But for some reason when I hear a person say "I hate live albums." it makes me want to slam my head in a sliding glass door repeate
dly. For me, a great live album from a band I love or a band i may not be familiar with is a true gem. I am sure we are all familiar with the monolithic live albums that have come down through the years. This weeks episode of the Decibel Geek Podcast most definitely showcased some great ones. I have to be honest though and admit that I threw Poison's Swallow This Live and Dokken's Beast From The East to the side long ago. Maybe I'll dig them out and give them another spin. For now though I would like to share a few live albums that seem to rise to the top of my playlist heap. These are in no particular order or ranking.

Paul Rodgers And Company - The Hendrix Set
This five song EP has been one of my absolute favorites for a number of years. This was recorded 4th Of July 1993 and released in November of the same year. I first had this on a cassette that I found in a used CD and cassette shop back in the late 90's. Along with Bad Company and Free lead singer Paul Rodgers on vocals, you get a stellar 3 piece band which consists of legendary Journey guitarist Neal Schon, current Journey drummer Deen Castronovo and on bass Todd Jensen, who has worked with Ozzy, David Lee Roth and Alice Cooper. The band as a whole do a nice job paying tribute to Jimi Hendrix, but its the rhythm section that I love listening to. So tight. Although Rodgers sings nothing like Hendrix, he interprets the songs with fine style and Neal Schon's guitar work is what you would expect; melodic, expressive riffs and leads drenched in effects. The tracks include Purple Haze, Little Wing, Manic Depression, and Foxy Lady but its their version of Stone Free that I put on Repeat quite often. The band knocks this one out of the park then tag the end of the song with a bit of Cream's I Feel Free. It simply kicks ass. The only down side is that its an EP, but its an EP that packs a full length punch!

Starz - Live In Louisville!
I stumbled across this album just a few years ago by one day Googling "Live In Louisville". At that point I was only vaguely familiar with the band. Luckily iTunes had it so I immediately bought it as well as started digging into the bands history. I quickly deduced that Starz were a hugely underrated band and that this live album could've prevented that had it been released after it was recorded in 1978. For all I can find, it wasn't released officially in complete form until 2000. It was after discovering this album, then the podcast featuring Starz music that I did a piece on the album back around the holidays. Read It Here!! I don't want to repeat myself but I will say that in my opinion, Starz, along with this album, might've had a better chance had they not been under the same management and booking agency as KISS. Just sayin. Starz - Live In Louisville made me a fan. It's just a fun album to listen to. Plus it was recorded here in Louisville. If you're not familiar with Starz, they are simply a great 70's rock band with a sound and style that would remind you of The Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, and Aerosmith. This album is worth a listen!!

Whitesnake - LIVE: In The Shadow of The Blues
If you like Whitesnake and live albums chances are you will like this album. I got this CD digitally through a free trial of a worthless online music outlet called E-Music and it didnt include the 4 unreleased studio tracks, but thats ok. The live tracks are incredible. The album hits the ground screaming with Bad Boys and continues full on with a healthy slice of Whitesnake discography. The bonus disc which may be from the European leg of the '06 tour starts with an alternate show opener of Burn/Stormbringer from David Coverdale's Deep Purple days and contains 6 more WS classics. For me, its the lineup in the band at this point that makes this album shine. On guitars you have Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich. Aldrich simply owns this classic WS material from start to finish and Reb Beach adds his unique style and sound to the secondary rhythm and lead parts. Legendary rock drummer Tommy Aldridge executes flawlessly. Coming in on bass at different times in the tour were Marco Mendoza, who had previously worked with Blue Murder and a 90's version of Thin Lizzy, and Uriah Duffy, who had recorded with Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. On keyboards Timothy Drury, who had toured with The Eagles. To sum it up; great band, great album!

Rush - Exit....Stage Left
To listen to this album now transports me right back to junior high. Especially track 3: YYZ with the drum solo. Back then I played the drums in school band, at church, and at home and this particular track was my Holy Grail. Really, all 3 songs on side 1 album 1: The Spirit Of Radio, Red Barchetta, and YYZ are my favorite Rush songs so to have them together on one portion of an album was a bonus. Although I didn't pursue music much farther than those years, this album was a huge influence on me at that time and I am certainly still a Rush fan today.

Europe - Live At Sweden Rock
30th Anniversary Show
I found this CD earlier this year while searching Amazon and iTunes for something new. Europe is a band that has never been hugely in my radar so it was the subtitle "30th Anniversary Show" that made me pull up and take a look. At that moment I simply couldn't get my head around the fact that this band was in their 30th year. After sampling some tracks, I had to have it, and despite The Final Countdown, I am suddenly a Europe fan. And a huge fan of this double live CD, which is a excellent showcase of the bands span of material. Europe was inactive for a majority of the 90's, but included tracks from their albums made during the 80's as well as albums made in 2004, 2006, 2009, and 2012. For the band you have the classic lineup of Joey Tempest on vocals, John Norum on guitar, John Leven on bass, Mic Michaeli on keyboards, and Ian Haugland on drums. The recording and production of the album is excellent and the 30,000 fans and attendees of the 2013 Sweden Rock Festival let you know that Europe is in fine form. The show kicks off with 3 great tracks from their most recent and 9th studio album Bag Of Bones and weaves you in and out of their triple decade spanning career. Two incredible high points in the show are guest appearances by Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy on a cover of Jailbreak and Michael Schenker from U.F.O. on a cover of Lights Out. As you might think, they wrap up this double live treasure with The Final Countdown, but it seems to carry a bit more weight when its alongside some of the band's better material. Europe is a band that I personally underrated but this live retrospect gave me a better perspective. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

KISS Fans Unite! It's Gonna Be Alright

Members Past and Present

It’s hard to find a band more polarizing than KISS.  While there have been other bands who’ve had a similar affect on people, I contend there isn't another band that for so long in such a large scope has been able to make people on both sides blind to whats right in front of them.  One would think that even if you hate KISS you can still acknowledge that they deserve induction to the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.  And one would think that even though you have been a lifelong fan of the band, you can still think it’s wrong that the band is comprised of two people pretending to be Ace and Peter.  KISS has a way of backing you into a corner and compromising your ability to think rationally.  And that’s what we’re talking about. 

Anyone who has grown up a KISS fan knows that being a fan means being a target.  I get how someone in their teens may feel required to become defensive about something they feel is theirs.  But this ain’t 1982.  Now days we’re talking about someone in their mid 40’s who never got over the wedgie’s they were given in high school.  While forgiving a bully and thinking Tommy Thayer is good in KISS may not be the same thing, the reluctance to have an honest view of KISS is largely ingrained from all the crap we took for liking them in the first place.  We could talk about things like the KISS Coffin or the recent Hello Kitty line of KISS related products that should get even the biggest fan scratching his head, but I think we need to start with the biggest offense to their fans KISS is guilty of. 

Having two hired guns pretend to be Ace and Peter. 

Fake Peter and Fake Ace
Saying it any other way is just spin.  And believing that spin is a choice.  The reasons Gene and Paul don’t want to play with Ace and Peter are readily available.  And when you read between the lines of the comments made by all four of them on the topic, they seem like valid reasons.  But just because they don’t play nice together doesn’t mean you automatically accept them moving on with two guys dressed as Ace and Peter.  And thus a schism rocks the KISS Army.  An Army all too willing to take a side.  Gene and Paul or Ace and Peter?  Who do you choose.

That's where I shift the blame from the band to the fans.  Why do you feel the need to choose?  An objective person would see flaws in all of these guys.  Gene signs more autographs and takes more pictures with the fans than Ace, but Ace never had a reality show where his kids made fun of KISS fans.  Ace never wanted to replace every member of KISS with 4 winners of a game show.  Paul has gone to greater lengths to keep himself in proper condition to perform than Peter.  But Peter didn’t write Let’s Put The X In Sex or re-record Beth with Eric Carr singing it.  I understand why the people who love KISS hold on so tight.  There’s a pretty good chance it’s been in their life longer than anything else.  When we’re down in the dumps and we need something to bring us up, there was one thing that would always do it for us the way we want it.  No not Cold Gin.  KISS.  But much like a child to a parent, at a certain point we need to take control of our life.  Rise to it you might say.  Well lift up that chin little buddy.  It’s gonna be alright. 

I’ve noticed a difference between KISS fans who are musicians and KISS fans who are not.  The musicians tend to have no interest in the bands current music.  When they buy a KISS Doll or Pez dispenser they can’t wait to rip it out of its package and play with it.  When they speak about KISS they have a passion for the music, the aura and the show.  The non musician tends to be more about the collecting.  They are more likely to tuck their Hot In The Shade T-Shirt tightly into their pants.  And they want something you don’t have.  Whether it be knowledge or a collectible.  They want to tell you about meeting Gene and not to share an experience.  For whatever reason it is important to them that others know they did or got something you didn’t.  I have a friend who still lives with his mom and every Christmas can’t wait to brag about all the KISS stuff his mommy got him this year.  He’s 43. 

I generalize these fans as the line is pretty clear with these two specific groups.  The musician doesn’t like Gene and Paul flaunting such blatant disrespect for Peter and Ace while the non musicians largely have no sympathy for Ace and Pete.  Placing the blame solely on them.

I do have an opinion on this matter and its probably clear.  But before I conclude with that I think it’s important we ask why.   Why did Gene and Paul choose to dress two guys up as Ace and Peter?  Make no mistake.  It was a choice.  But was it the right one?  Was it a decision with you, the fan in mind, or were they just thinking about your wallet?  Let’s ask a few key questions. 

Not Fake Ace and Peter
Who is going to be easier to work with in the role of “Hired musician”?  Ace and Peter or Tommy and Eric.  In other words two guys who were there in the beginning and played a key role in defining the band’s sound and identity while also garnering themselves their own fan base. Or, two guys who would otherwise be looking for jobs that paid far less?  Good luck spinning that one.  Once the reunion was announced and the contracts were signed, Gene and Paul had to pretend that they gave a shit about Peter and Ace.  They insisted that they were all hi fiving each other in the studio when recording Psycho Circus when in reality Peter and Ace aren’t really on the record.  Every press event they talked about how unified they were but as time went on you found fewer and fewer of those quotes coming from Peter or Ace.  Gene and Paul were entitled to retain ownership of the band.  Treating Ace and Peter like shit was just for enjoyment.   

Is this what the fans want?  Be honest.  If Paul Stanley called you in 2003 and asked you if they should put Eric Singer in Peter Criss’ makeup what would you say?  Eric and Tommy (Fake Peter and Fake Ace) serve Gene and Paul’s bottom line.  Peter may not have been at the top of his game and Ace may have been unreliable but it was also becoming more and more difficult to convince them to go with the flow and take smaller salaries.  The same reason they don’t want to create new characters for Eric and Tommy is the same reason they shouldn’t have continued.  At this point in the game people aren’t interested in new anything from KISS.  And it’s not what the fans really want.

Gene and Paul continue to claim the band never sounded better.  Is that really true?  Make no mistake.  Gene and Paul have earned the right to do what they want at this point in their lives.  And this lineup probably makes fewer mistakes but it’s also super boring.   Going to a KISS concert used to be a big party.  Now it’s more like going to a combination of a KISS convention and an AA meeting.  If you went to any of the shows on the Crazy Nights tour you know what I’m talking about.  Uninspired.  But at least Bruce Kulick wasn’t boring you while pretending to be Ace.  One Bruce Kulick > Tommy as Ace.  Some may say this lineup is better but in reality it’s just slower.  And what about the other lineups? 

Haven’t KISS given us enough?  Did we really need Monster or Sonic Boom?  Look at it from this angle.  Remember the first time you heard KISS ALIVE?  How many times did you listen to that record over the next 15 years?  Is there any chance of those two records combined even approaching that number in the next 15 years?  While you may like it did you really need it?  Did you go see Paul on his solo tour?  Assuming you’ve already seen 10 or more KISS concerts in your life, wouldn’t you prefer to see another Paul tour.  How about Gene finally doing one?  Tickets cost less to see them in a smaller venue where you can actually see everything and the set list isn’t going to be the same old shit.  At this point wouldn’t you prefer to pay $35 to see Gene from 30 feet away sing Mr. Make Believe than pay $70 to see him from the upper deck sing Rock N Roll All Nite?  Is it at least possible it's time to let go of something that has given you more than any band has ever given?  At the very least insist on them removing the makeup or giving Eric and Tommy their own.  Doing so doesn’t demean how much you love the band.  If anything not doing so does.              

If it’s about no longer being up for the gig (Peter) or the ability to stay sober (Ace) then find a way to do it without being such dicks to them.  Their fans are your fans too.  You won.  You got what you wanted and Ace and Peter will probably go broke again while you continue to profit from their likeness.  The least you could do is not spit on them.  You didn’t win the lottery without them.  That goes for all of them.  They've all written books.  If they couldn't fit their cheap shots in the pages of their autobiographies well, just move on.    

As fans, we should feel no obligation to support every decision Paul and Gene make.  We’re all human.  Peter and Ace dug their own grave and Gene and Paul made sure they had a shovel and a map to the graveyard.  None of them are victims.  They need to drop the resentment.  At least publicly.  And fans.  It’s ok to be honest with yourself.  It’s ok to let go a little.  As someone who’s done it I can promise you it’ll be alright.  You don’t have to sell your collection because you think it was wrong for Gene to break his promise to Peter that they would never play Beth again.  You won’t be required to get that tattoo removed because you think it’s wrong for Tommy and Eric to dress and Ace and Peter.  You CAN still be a fan and embrace free will.  Take it from someone who's done it.  It's gonna be alright. 

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Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Alive! Top 5 Live Albums with Luc Carl - Ep155

It's hard to believe that this week's theme has not been covered on the Decibel Geek Podcast but today it takes place.

Media worlds collide this week as SiriusXM deejay and author Luc Carl joins the Decibel Geek podcast to discuss their Top 5 Live Albums. When picking parameters for their choices it was mutually agreed that each person would choose albums that had a personal meaning to them in their journey through music and life. Because of that, you're going to hear a wide variety of picks; some you'll agree with and others you won't. Either way, there's lots of tunes, lots of laughs, and lots of great stories shared between Chris, Aaron, and the Ayatollah of Jack and Cola, Luc Carl!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

AC/DC Drummer Delivers Head Job

Most of us know the name Phil Rudd as synonymous with Aussie rock stalwarts AC/DC.  Phil joined AC/DC in 1975 and remained with the band until 1983 when he was reportedly dismissed due in part to a conflict with guitarist Malcolm Young.  He moved to Tauanga, New Zealand and filled his time away from AC/DC with the purchase of a helicopter company, racing cars, becoming a farmer and building his own recording studio.  Rudd re-joined the AC/DC camp in 1993 and has since appeared on the albums Ballbreaker (1995), Stiff Upper Lip (2000) and Black Ice (2008).  He also owns a steak and seafood restaurant in Tauranga New Zealand.

Rudd has now taken a stab in the solo album department with the recently released Head Job.  He wrote and recorded the effort with two friends, guitarist Geoffry Martin and bassist/vocalist Allan Badger.  I had previously investigated the advance video release of "Repo Man" and found it to be enjoyable but I had my doubts on what the whole thing would sound like.  Let's see if I was right shall we........

The title track "Head Job" gets things underway fantastically.  I played it four times through before I could move forward.  I can't say enough good things about this track that remained in my head for days afterwards no matter how many times I listened to it.  In fact as I would be singing the chorus
under my breath to the beat rolling in my head throughout the day it often came out in answer to a question I was asked by co-workers.....this action elicited some very questioning looks!  The subject matter is not sexual but according to Rudd the track is about "going to the pub to commiserate with your mates about someone doing your head in".  If this track doesn't get your toe tapping you may well need a visit to the hospital for life support systems!  What an opener to an album and an instant fave for me, hope to hell this quality keeps up!  "Sun Goes Down" sits in the second position of the collection, filled with a bluesy swagger and a great driving beat for another excellent straight ahead rock song.  The slower but still infectious groove of "Lonely Child" keeps things rolling but so far nothing matches "Head Job".  "Lost in America" continues the vein but my excitement is beginning to wane.   After that we get "Crazy" an almost country-ish and frankly weak tune that I just don't enjoy.  "Bad Move" brings back the distortion and heavier sound in this plodding number that grows on me with every listen.  The funk of "No Right" is catchy but "The Other Side", the longest composition, gets skipped during almost every listen.   "40 Days & 40 Nights" fixes everything and has a groove that you can't miss, while "Repo Man" is just the way Southern Blues Hard Rock should be.  "When I Get My Hands On You" is the final entry and another solid one at that.

Bottom line:  While I found a couple of the middle tracks of Head Job to be a little flaccid Phil Rudd and his friends have created some amazing and catchy Southern blues, swagger-filled songs.  Take note of "Head Job", "Repo Man", "40 Days & 40 Nights", "Sun Goes Down" and "When I Get My Hands On You".
The Meister

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Caught in the Storm of Blades

In my novice days of joining the Decibel Geek ranks (seems so long ago now) one of the early articles I chose to write was about an awesome band that I had recently discovered at the time.  That band's name was Bullet originally formed in Vaxjo Sweden in 1996 and comprised of Dag "Hell"
Bullet Bus-photo by The Meister
Hofer (vocals), Adam Hector (bass), Gustav Hjortsjo (drums), Hampus Klang (guitars) and Erik Almstrom (guitars).  The band has issued four albums prior to 2014's Storm of Blades, Heading For the Top (2006), Bite the Bullet (2008), Highway Pirates (2011) and Full Pull (2012).  Every album is fantastic exuding their straight ahead hard rock sound oft compared to that of AC/DC.  I was excited and fortunate to get the opportunity to see them at Sweden Rock 2013.  While there I even happened across the Bullet Bus (too bad no-one was in it when I passed by) that carries the band from gig to gig.  (Days 1&2 at Sweden Rock 2013) (I Bit The Bullet)
Bullet at Sweden Rock 2013-photo by The Meister

For Storm of Blades Erik Almstrom has departed the Bullet fold and Alexander Lyrbo stepped in to take up the second guitar position.  The album opens with a near minute long "Uprising" intro that doesn't really seem to serve much purpose in my mind, as most intros don't.  After the intro the 
charging guitar riff of "Storm of Blades" leads into the classic sounding Bullet cut which was issued as a single and video back in July.  "Riding High" is up tempo and has a catchy chorus to it while "Tornado" features a great little guitar solo.  The ferocious "Hawk Eyes" is up next but "This One's For You" seems a little like filler to me and is one of the weaker selections, but don't get me wrong it's in no way bad.  That filler feeling doesn't last long as we get into the totally awesome pumping anthem of "Hammer Down" followed by the infectious "It's On""Crossfire" is again a strong composition but the blistering pace of "Run With the Hunted" is a thing of beauty.  Things wrap up with the longest running track "Coming In Loud" which reminds me of a sweeping epic somehow....maybe it's just been a long day, no matter it's a stellar track as is the whole album.  I better hit "play" again right now!

I guess there's not really a glaring "standout" track contained here rather a tight collection of AC/DC (I wonder how they feel about all the AC/DC comparisons) style balls out rockers that collectively surpass their previous Full Pull release.  If I was forced to pick I'd say "Storm of Blades", "Hammer Down" and "It's On" are the top three.  I hope against all hope that there's a US/Canada tour coming up soon, but if not hopefully I can get my fix and take in a Bullet show while I'm over there for Sweden Rock 2015!

The Meister

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Motley Crue's Fifth Member (Or A Fifth Of Motley Crue)

Grunge has often been credited with killing much of the music of the 80’s metal scene.  But as we now have the ability to look back it sure seems to have taken a bigger toll on bands like Ratt and LA Guns than it has for Motley Crue.  Vince Neil  recently acknowledged as much between Big Mac's and lipo treatment when he told Q magazine "I don't know why people say grunge killed rock. Only people whose careers were on the way out said that. It didn't seem to kill us.”  Hmmm.  Is that really true?  How is it that Ratt’s career was over in 1991 but not Motley’s?  And while Vince can say that now I doubt he felt that way when he released his second solo album, Carved In Stone, in 1995.  Not even I bought that.  And I buy everything.  In retrospect the downfall of the Sunset Strip scene was predictable.  Bloated bands offering nothing real or fresh.  The first single off every album was an upbeat rocker followed by a generic power ballad.  The same pattern.  Same video.  And when Guns N’ Roses broke it was clear there was a void that needed to be filled with angry music and we weren’t gonna get that from Slaughter.  Or 1989 Motley Crue for that matter.  But why is it that in 2014 bands like Ratt, Cinderella or even Judas Priest are viewed as less than Motley Crue?   
Let’s be honest.  Motley didn’t release a great album after Shout at the Devil.  Even if you disagree with that you must acknowledge the general population doesn’t care much for anything they released after Dr. Feelgood.  Don’t get me wrong.  I suppose all bands from this era are nostalgia acts at this point, but Motley seems to generate more current buzz.  Yet most of the people going to Motley’s farewell tour right now have no idea who John Corabi is or that they once had a female drummer.  I’m not talking about guys like me.  Guys like me know every detail.  Guys like me would rather hear City Boy Blues than Kickstart My Heart.  Guys like me will buy every Motley Crue record as it comes out.  With the full faith and credit that it will suck.  Guys like me look at going to shows and buying the records as an obligation.  But guys like me don’t fill arenas.  Depending on your city we might fill a club.  So why Motley and not LA Guns?  Tracii Guns had a theory.  He once said LA Guns would’ve been bigger if they'd had a blonde singer.  I don’t know about that but I do have my own theory on why Motley is revered more than any of their contemporaries. 
Tommy Lee’s penis. 

Far too many of us have seen Tommy and Pam’s “leaked” *cough* sex tape.  And once Tommy honked a boat horn with his dick the course was set and the ship had sailed.  At the time the video was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, Pamela Anderson was internationally famous for bouncing along a beach in slow motion and showing her enhanced goodies in Playboy every other month.  Tommy Lee, and Motley Crue for that matter, were names that guys like me knew and the general world stopped caring about years earlier.   Then came the most famous sex tape ever (Sorry Kim Kardashian.)  And not long after Tommy and his crank were almost as famous as the tits in that video. 
We all know what happened next.  Motley were reuniting with original singer Vince Neil (Who had his own sex tape but with just an average size penis) to record an awful record and tour the world.  They released a book called the Dirt.  And while the road since that point had its ups and downs for Motley, Tommy and his dick parlayed their fame into a handful of really bad solo records.  A really bad reality TV show.  And a  couple of stint’s in jail.  The unintended beneficiary to all of this was Motley.  They became iconic.  Infamous.  And now as they promise to leave us forever as a touring entity, I find it hard to believe that the general public would care as much as they seemingly do were it not for Tommy’s special purpose.   (What do you think he is?  Some kind of jerk?) They had fewer hits than Ratt but would Alice Cooper open for Ratt today?  As the bank accounts of all four members grow, it’s the growth of an uncredited member that should take a bow.  Well, maybe in few minutes.  Not right now. 
Does anyone have some hand sanitizer?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pantera Discussion with Chad Lee - Ep154


In the early 1980's a pair of Texas brothers decided to form a band. 30+ years later, they are heavy metal legends. Pantera's rise to the top of the thrash heap happened despite a lack of heavy radio airplay and media hype. Their ascent was due to the power of grassroots word-of-mouth brought on by a legion of loyal fans that are still as fanatical about the band as they were at the end of their run in 2003. Today, we talk to a fan of the band that wound up in the inner-circle.

This week, Chris and Aaron are joined by rock photographer Chad Lee to discuss all-things-Pantera. Chad is not only a talented photographer but was a personal friend of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. He organizes the Nashville chapter of Ride for Dime. With the Nashville event coming up on September 27th, Chad sat down to discuss Pantera and Darrell's legacy, their material, and other entertaining stories about the "Cowboys from Hell." 

Ride For Dime Inc, a 501 (c) 3, charitable organization, honors the lives of guitar hero and friend, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, Jeff Thompson, Nathan Bray, and Erin Halk. Ride for Dime has proudly given back to charities that were of interest to Darrell during his life as well as charities he would have been proud to be a part of, like IAVA. In 2010, they started planning and began raising funds for their own "Ride for Dime Scholarship Fund" and are well on their way with the addition of new chapters.

We encourage all of our local listeners to purchase a ticket to the upcoming event and hang out with us! Ticket purchase includes entry into a raffle for autographed guitars from KORN & Halestorm. If you aren't local, you can still purchase a ticket and that money will go towards the charity so you can help from abroad as well. All proceeds benefit Rock Against MS and Nashville animal rescue Proverbs 12:10

Event Information:

Ride For Dime Nashville 2014 3rd annual Motorcycle run and concert

Main Street Music
527 W. Main St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Date: Saturday September 27, 2014 06:00 PM Doors: 5:00 PM

KIST -AMAZING KISS tribute full costume and stage show
Erasing Never
Sekond Skyn
The F**king Pantera Cover Band

Special Guest:
Jonathan Montoya - SALIVA
Nick Catanese - The Evil Twin (Black Label Society)
Nick Bowcott - (Grim Reaper/Marshall Amps/Guitar World Dime tribute)
Jose Mangin- (Sirius XM, Liquid Metal, Ozzy's Boneyard , Affliction Clothing)
Lüc Carl (Sirius XM Hair Nation, Ozzy's Boneyard Drunk Diet author)

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