The Decibel Geek podcast/blog was conceived in late 2010 when Chris Czynszak was inspired by a number of different podcasts from the comedy & music worlds. Drawing upon his history of interviewing regional and national artists for previous music websites and his nearly obsessive love of rock and heavy metal history, he set out to create his own niche in the podcasting world that would, hopefully, entertain rock and metal fans from across the globe.

The debut episode of the show (entitled 'Episode Zero - An Introduction') launched on April 19th, 2011. Interest picked up with Episode 1, an in-depth rock discussion with well-known rock journalist Mitch Lafon followed by a series of episodes with notable Nashville-area entertainment industry members. The floodgates opened, however, with the release of the 2-part Vinnie Vincent Special on July 4th. Many music-news outlets picked up the story of the Decibel Geek Podcast's inside glimpse into what the reclusive former KISS guitarist's activities in recent years as well as discussions with former music industry peers that had plenty of stories to share on this enigmatic musician. After the thousands of downloads of this 2-part Special, Chris knew it was time to broaden the show and bring in new talent. Enter AAron Camaro.

AAron Camaro

AAron Camaro joined the Decibel Geek Podcast in September of 2011. Blessed with the gift of gab, a deep knowledge of rock and heavy metal history, and a background in radio and public speaking, AAron was the natural choice for the co-host position. 

Wally Norton
Wally Norton has been a proud card carrying “Metalhead” since January 1983 when he first heard Def Leppard. He spent the 80’s attending all the great hard rock and heavy metal shows that passed through Toronto and amassing a huge collection of Cds. 

When Wally isn’t boring his friends and family with updates on his favorite bands, you can usually find him goofing around on his bass guitar or at the water’s edge with a fishing rod in search of any fish that swims. Waving the flag to the North, he continues to shed light on all the great bands from Canada.

Cynthia Johnson
“I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Started listening to hard rock/metal when I was 13. I started writing when I was in high school, as a dare. From there I had started writing for my high school newspaper. After high school, I got married and raised three children. Life as a writter was a dream.Still loved music, but my choices were less "heavy or hard". I Enlisted in the Navy in 2003. It was there I re-discovered my love of metal/hard rock.After being medically discharged in 2004, again, I lived my life, and again it was less metal. In 2012, I discovered my first loves again, metal and writing. I've been writing for Decibel Geek since 2012.”

J. Alexander
J. Alexander is a classically trained musician and singer with a background in Alternative Metal. Currently a Constitutional Law writer and published Historian, rock discussion writing has become a respite and passion. 

 In music, his main interests are in the areas of Metal progression and Rock roots history focusing on the recurring influences from past to modern bands. He is a founding member of the Nickelback Insurgency Force dedicated to the overthrow and annihilation of the Nickelback Regime and all the evil it stands for. He is also the resident KISS newbie on the Decibel Geek staff.

Rich "Meister" Dillon
Greetings from The Great White North! I'm from a little town north of Toronto Canada and I've been suffering for a long time with no-one who understands my music until Wally, Chris and Aaron saved me! 
I love discovering new bands and introducing them to anyone who is willing to open their ears to me. 

I've seen more concerts than I can name and was ecstatic to be aboard the inaugural Monsters of Rock Cruise in February of 2012. Watch for blogs concerning my return to the Monsters of Rock Cruise in March and Sweden Rock Festival in June! 
I work at a little southern smoked BBQ place (something that is rare in Ontario and is only now starting to really catch on and gain popularity) here in my hometown. I'm single and love to get out travelling whenever possible.

BJ Kahuna
BJ Kahuna grew up in a suburb of Milwaukee in an age when a suburb of Milwaukee contained more than one record store that BJ could ride his bike to and spend his allowance at.  This is how BJ developed his maniacal obsession with rock music.  He owns about 3000 LPs and hasn't gotten around to counting his CDs.  His cassette tapes are in boxes in the garage, he'd really rather not count those.  His favorite band is Cheap Trick.  He has seen them live over 30 times.  He has a Bun E. Carlos drumstick.  His second favorite band is Slade.  He has never seen them live, but he has read Noddy Holder's autobiography.  

BJ dressed as Gene Simmons for Halloween twice, at age five and again at age seven.  When BJ was about 12 he called every record store in Milwaukee until he found one that had Music from the Elder, asked them to hold it for him, and got his Mom to drive him there to get it.  He loved it and still does.  BJ's first concert was Tesla with Great White and Badlands.  BJ saw Trixter live four times, but never on purpose.

Ed Przydzial
Edward Przydzial is a freelance photographer since 1974 (and Creem Magazine intern 78, 79) following the rock band KISS through the 70's printing his exploits and photos in his KISS publication, "the KISS museum news". He is a heavy metal musician from the east side of Detroit, Michigan. aka: bernard edwards was the bass player in Detroit's notorious metal "underground" death/speed/thrash band CORRUPT. Later, in the late 80's, he was the frontman/singer for Twin Cities sleaze rockers Sister Morphine. He was also associated in one way or another with bands like Seduce, Halloween, Strut (detroit) etc. He has played in the following bands since 1978... (Det.) Phantom, (Det.) Nightmare, (det.) Cemetary, (79-82), CORRUPT [int.] (84-88), Satanic Nazis [Chicago] (90's), Anglo {Memphis} (90's), Sister Morphine (80's-90's) and is currently involved in his solo-career as "ole von bizzarro" aka; (Bernard Edwards) [Los Angeles]... calling the studio project/recording unit; Bernard Edwards' Project Homicide... (94) current. 

He is also an accomplished tattoo artist and has been drawing or doing art since birth. He has been a photographer since his first concert seeing Suzi Quatro open for KISS and produces art, music and various other art mediums. He is an accomplished musician/writer {bmi-ascap}* and has written for several music publications during the 80's. You can see his artwork and photography in Tattoo Savage as well as @ various tattoo conventions, worldwide. 

His webpage can be viewed on the internet and his services and contact information are there as well. Edward is also a master firebreather/trainer (since 1980) and performance artist; creating silver jewelry (skulls his specialty) and costume designer/builder (see Gene Simmons Destroyer armor & dragon feet boots)* as well as a master muscle car/Harley builder/designer/customizer. music publishing under; totenkopf songs (bmi) and Father Heroin Traxxx music (ascap).

Kate Campbell
 I was eleven years old when I first became aware that there was more to music than my mum's Abba collection. It was 1980 and I had the good fortune of my babysitter introducing me to Kiss, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. I've been a metal head ever since. 

I was fourteen when I joined my first  band as a lead singer. Shortly after that I taught myself how to play bass and began playing and singing (never at the same time) for a number of bands including singing lead for a  Queensrÿche tribute by the name of Mindcrime. 

 I enjoyed the band life from the early eighties through the end of the nineties, playing in all the Toronto area clubs. I was a rock star by night and a hairdresser by day and in  1990, I opened a hair salon which I still own and operate today. 

 I have a broad spectrum of music tastes. I still listen to Queensrÿche a lot and probably an equal amount of Alter Bridge. In addition to the complete discographies  of those two bands, currently on my iPod are  Dio, Maiden, Sabbath, Metallica,  Linkin Park, Disturbed, Slipknot, Korn and Five Finger Death Punch just to name a few.
 I met my fellow Canadian Geek writer, Rich "Meister" Dillon at a Queensrÿche concert earlier this year and after discovering my love for metal music and writing, he invited me to join the team. I'm excited to be writing for Decibel Geek and look forward to sharing my love for all things metal with our readers.

With an arsenal of new ideas and guests being constantly tweaked, the future looks bright for the Decibel Geek Podcast/Blog. We thank you for checking us out and hope you continue to listen/read. We welcome listener feedback and suggestions. Send all correspondence to Rock on!


Jamey Stevens said...

I'm curious how complete songs are played without paying royalties to artists. Does anyone have an answer?

Chris said...
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Chris said...

The way I view it, and I'm only speaking for myself, is that we are in the business of turning people on to good music so they will go out and purchase it from the artist. That's why you will never hear a song from start to finish on our show that doesn't have our voices over part of it in either the beginning or the ending of the song. We don't want to serve up 'piracy on a platter.' I also add amazon links to each artist played in the show notes to that episode. While we definitely aren't paying the fees for licensing, we're making every attempt to not rip the artist and actually send more people their way. We hear from people all the time that they've gone out and purchased product after listening to the podcast. So far, we've run on the idea that the artists see the benefit in what we're doing. That's our take, anyway.

Kate Campbell said...

Amen brother! I think this sort of exposure is awesome for the artist.

wainpoo said...

im wayne and im from australia.i came across the decibel geek podcast while looking for podcasts on itunes for my new car radio with a USB stick.its been a while since ive heard the radio now as i am playing episode after episode.i particularly like the RADIO SUCKS episodes.keep it up

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