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Our recently launched series of photo slideshows featuring rare,historical images of rock and metal artists has become very popular and we thank you for checking them out. With that said, a lot of hard work and effort goes into taking, acquiring, and supplying these images for us all to enjoy.

Sometimes, we get caught up in how cool all the "free" stuff on the internet is and we need to take a moment to acknowledge the hard working photographers and behind the scenes people that do such great work getting these cool shots.

This list will be updated and added to often as we continue to give credit where credit is due. If there are any omissions that you notice in this list, please contact us at & let us know so we can get the accurate information posted. Thanks for viewing!

Photographer/Contributor List

waring abbott,
ebet roberts,
bob gruen,
peter cade,
chris walter,
jim steinfeldt,
sal di benedetto,
neal preston,
jeffrey mayer,
lynn goldsmith,
julius m. baum,
adam skull,
vince bucci,
steve morley,
rhona wise,
andy kent,
richard creamer,
arnold drapkin,
charles auringer,
barry levine,
brenda chase,
fin costello,
miranda shen,
chip rock,
janet macoska,
chuck pulin,
michael n. marks,
ron pownall,
steve granitz,
ross marino,
mark weiss,
michael putland,
edward przydzial,
redferns agency,
richard e. aaron,
robin platzer,
eddie malluk,
david keeler,
tom hill,
ron gelella,
tom weschler,
michael ochs archive,
getty images,
globe photos,
topix foto,
ross halfin,
bob alford,
norman seeff,
brad elterman

jose ojeda

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