Thursday, November 6, 2014

Album Review: AT THE GATES - At War With Reality


It's been awhile since I wrote a review of anything. The only thing I was writing as of late was my resume and a grocery list..but I'm back, still writing my resume, and that damn grocery list. Ugh,  but I digress...

If your a fan of melodic speeding guitar riffs, screaming angry vocals that make King Diamond look like a pre teen and thundering drums..then have I got the BAND FOR YOU...
At War With Reality is the tenth album released by Swedish death metal band At The Gates, and the first album they released in 19 years...
Now I am not a fan of 'death metal'. So, when I picked this, I was a little skeptical..But this album is PURE RAW SLIT YOUR THROAT AND LEAVE NO TRACES, BURN YA HOUSE AN TAKE YA DOG DEATH put it in three words "SHIT GETS REAL!!"
The album opens with "El Altar Del Dios Desconocido". Not sure what it meant,but I liked it. It had that horror movie start, like your being lead to some form of death March or satanic ritual. Yeah, it got me feelin like that.  It actually did give the album a good build up...and out of nowhere...BAM!!!!  
"Death and the Labyrinth" kick in with ear bleeding bass, drums and guitars. The vocals are dark, coarse and gritty. Nothing pretty here...just pure unfiltered rage, testosterone tingling in your ears. Then you get a BRIEF break and BOOM!!! It starts again.
The title track, "At War With Reality"is a melodic Headbanger's delight. The guitar playing of Anders Bjorler and Martin Larsson are powerful and have no mercy. These guys are literally playing like their life depends on it. Jonas Bjorler(bass), and drummer Adrian Erlandsson keep everyone on pace and have set the tone for this album.
Favorite song has got to be "The Circular Ruins". The guitar playing on this song by far was the best for me. The drumming was clean, the bass was neat and precise. The vocals were on point. These guys aren't here to make music your mom would listen to.
Like I said, I'm not a fan of Death Metal, and I don't knock anyone who is...but I can say that I liked this album, and it is worth every Penny you'll spend on it. If we had the mikes system like Rolling Stone, I would give this album 4 out of 5 mikes. Or was that Circus that had the mikes thing? Hell, I don't remember,but this album is really worth a listen if your a fan of Swedish Death Metal.
Be sure to pick this up and catch At The Gates on their US tour starting in 2015...

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