Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Storm Has Arrived: In Faith's There's A Storm Coming Review

I discovered this melodic rock masterpiece while over in Nottingham, England for Firefest: The Final Fling Festival October 24-26, 2014.  In Faith is a British outfit made up of former members of Vaughn, Wild and Eden’s Curse/Tainted Nation.  The collaborations originally begun in 1991 with vocalist Pete Godfrey and guitarist Tony Marshall, but nothing came to fruition.  They made contact with each other a few times over the resulting years and finally sat down again and began to
In Faith @ Firefest CD Listening Party Oct 23, 2014 - photo Shawn Irwin
write together in 2012/2013.  Pete Newdeck became involved at the behest of Tony Marshall when he asked Newdeck to help with the drums and the recording process for the material he and Godfrey had crafted.  Newdeck liked the work and quickly became the third member of this band that had still to choose a moniker.  Firefest Festival organizer Kieran Dargan, suggested that the guys write a song that would serve as the international anthem for Firefest X (October 2013).  They chose In Faith as their band's name and with that they began writing, re-writing, tweaking and improving the songs in preparation for an album.  Some assistance was enlisted in the form of Chris Green (Rubicon Cross), Pat Heath (Furyon) and Brooke St. James (Tyketto) on select tracks.  The whole collection was produced by Pete Newdeck and Tony Marshall, engineered and mixed by Pete Newdeck and mastered in Toronto by Harem Scarem's Harry Hess.

The tuning of a radio fades in before the opening song, "Radio", erupts to ride full out in this melodic masterpiece.  There's A Storm Coming was mastered by Harry Hess of Canadian band Harem Scarem and it's readily evident that he and the band have done an incredible job.  Everything is so clear and defined here, an excellent sound all around.  The lead single, "Does It Feel Like Love", is a sing along delight while the awesome "Church of Rock an' Roll" was the theme song written for 2013's Firefest: X Festival.  "Where I Wanna Be" slows things down a little, not something I'm usually a fan of, but can't help toe-tapping and singing along here.  The crunchier "Addicted" is one of the stand outs if I was forced at gunpoint to choose one track over another here.  Another slower track appears next with "If That's What Love Means" and once again, although not my usual preference works well here.  A quick native sounding chanting leads off "All Or Nothing" and the longest track at just over 5 minutes,"In Flames", is nothing short of genre defining.  "A Million Ways" and the acoustic "Leave Me Now" bring us to the final track on There's A Storm Coming.  The hard rockin' "Bitter End" is just that, leaving an empty void until you hit play and start all over again.

Posted on the band's Facebook page on November 11, 2014 was "Theres a storm coming has sold out on Amazon in the UK and NEH records in the states. Reorders have been placed and stock should be in place very soon. Thank you for your support and please be patient."  After being on sale for only about two weeks, in this day and age of the lack of CD buying that's great to see!

The buzz that I've been seeing on this release has been swamping the internet and all of it beyond impressively awesome.  One of the best albums I've heard this year, watch for this effort's placement in my top of 2014.

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