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The Revolution of Xtasy: Review of Xtasy's Revolution Album

Pamplona, Spain was the scene for the beginnings of melodic rock outfit Xtasy back in 2011.  The project started out as a studio outing from vocalist Silvia I. and guitarist Jorge Olloqui but in December of 2013 they became a band with the addition of guitarist Angel G., bassist David Clavero, drummer David Tutumba and keyboardist Jakin Tza.  During January and February 2014 the compositions written by Silvia and Jorge, now recorded with the help of some friends and special guests, were mixed and mastered by Erik Martensson (W.E.T./Eclipse).  The band has shared stages with some of my favorites such as Helix, Crazy Lixx, Thundermother and soon to be Eclipse.  Now the Revolution album has been unveiled to the public and has found it's way to The Meister.

Revolution leads off with the first single and video "Stronger".  A soft piano against the backdrop of rain falling begins the track softly before it explodes with the rest of the band.  Silvia's powerful and distinctive vocals guide the listener through this strong hard rock track that oozes a European power metal feel.  The album's title track, "Revolution", ramps up the pace and energy with some great riffs and guitar solo for probably my favorite song.  The album moves on with "Million Miles", a little higher pitched for my complete enjoyment, before "All For One" which has "radio hit" written all over it.  "Scream" takes us through to the acoustic beginnings of the ballad "It Is You".  "Rebel Rider" picks up the pace once again in one of the stronger tracks on Revolution while "Many Years" again slows down, power ballad style.  "Rocking the World" does just that in fine melodic rock fashion and the appropriate "Bye Bye" wraps things up with another sleeper ballad.

Overall quite a solid outing here for Xtasy's debut with Revolution, the strong tracks are just that, solid melodic rock efforts.  A little too much slower material and/or ballads for my personal likings, but then I've never been a fan of those things anyway.

Here's the video for "Stronger" and you can also find "All For One" and "Many Years" available for listening on the band's website.

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Heidi's Wanderings said...

I like video. And I really like that the band has a female lead singer. She has a great voice.

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