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David Lawrence I accept your challenge and will connect Tom Jones to KISS in six steps or less.

Tom Jones is an iconic Welshman who had guest spots on Fantasy Island and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and cameos in The Jerky Boys: The Movie and Mars Attacks. He is currently one of the four "coaches" on the UK version of The Voice. How am I going to connect this singing legend to KISS in six steps or less? Like this:

1. In 2005 Tom Jones undertook a ten city tour of Australia with Aussie superstar John Farnham which resulted in a CD/DVD release called John Farnham and Tom Jones - Together In Concert.

2. The soundtrack to the 1984 B-movie Savage Streets (which starred The Exorcist alum Linda Blair) was never officially released but some promotional copies did make their way into circulation. The soundtrack included five songs performed by John Farnham, one of which was called "Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way."

3. That same song "Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way" (which was written by Randy Bishop, Wayne Nelson, and Farnham) was recorded by a band called Spectre General for the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack in 1986. Spectre General was actually Canadian metal band Kick Axe going by a more family friendly name for the purposes of the soundtrack.

4. The Transformers: The Movie soundtrack also included two songs by Florida AOR legend Stan Bush, "The Touch" and "Dare."

5. Not only was Stan Bush's recording of "The Touch" for that soundtrack produced by Richie Wise, who co-produced the first two KISS albums, but Stan Bush has also co-written two songs with Paul Stanley, "If We Ever" and "I Was Wrong" which appeared on his albums The Child Within and Higher Than Angels.

6. Paul Stanley currently portrays the character of "The Starchild" in KISS.

And there you have it.

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