Sunday, July 27, 2014

KISS Grab Bag - Ep147

KISSMAS in July is now drawing to a close for 2014 and there were so many things we wanted to cover we figured, why not cover them all?

This week Aaron and Chris open up a KISS Grab Bag of topics to discuss. Listeners of the show submitted KISS-related subjects and your hosts give their take on those topics this week. Everything from discussion of KISS' merchandising reaching into things like Hello Kitty and arena football to favorite/least favorite albums, stages, costumes, songs, and much much more is covered in this free-form discussion. We also give an update on Vinnie Vincent, plans for more KISS-related shows later in the year and a track by track discussion of the Ace Frehley album 'Space Invader.'

A whole lot to cover to round out KISSMAS in JULY so take it all in and enjoy our talk on the Hottest Band in the Land!

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Geeks of the Week:
I-am Hoops, Joe Lascon, Kal Hinz, Brad Kalmanson, David Alpizar, Brian Odermatt, Rhys Lett, Andy Lafon, Chris Karam, Lee Maslin, Paul Stamm, Jody Havenot (Strange Ways podcast), Derik Novak, PJ Brown, Steven Langenbrunner, Matt Syverson (Paperback Rocker podcast), Brent Walter, Wally Norton, Billy Hardaway, Andrew Jacobs, Shane Hebert, JTB’s Groovy Record Room, Denis Schoen, Heavy Rock, Antoni Espin Ufano, Darren Parkin, Joe Royland, Jeff Spector, Darryl Alber, MusicMagsAndWax, Chuck Speer, Jeff Ludban, Kissforever, D, lovegunn21, Tito Blackwell

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