Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Screaming Eagles - A Sleazy Good Time!


Like a triple shot of whiskey in a tall (and possibly dirty) glass comes "From The Flames", the debut album from a band called the Screaming Eagles. This album is balls out, four on the floor, dirty rock n roll, plain and simple and as the Stones once said, "It's only rock n roll but I Like IT".

Filled with more hooks than a fly fishing tackle box, "From The Flames" serves up ten sleazy tracks that are sure to have your head banging, horns in the air. Obvious influences include AC/DC, classic Aerosmith and probably a few of the 80's sunset strip suspects, GnR maybe? Anyways, it's a formula for some real music, something that is almost non-existent on radio today.

Hailing from North Ireland, Screaming Eagles is made up of Chris Fry on vocals, Adrian McAleenan on guitar, Ryan Lilly on bass and Kyle Cruikshank on the drums.  These guys attack their instruments with an attitude and produce a groove so thick you could lie down in it.

Opening up with a bluesy DC like riff, opening track "All The Way" had me grinning ear to ear. I could almost taste the whiskey and could imagine seeing these guys tear it up live at any local watering hole. "Down The River", "Hungry For More", hell by the third song I was over at the "merch" table asking for a T-Shirt! Ok, maybe my imagination got away with me but damn this is fun rock n roll music! Rarely does an album grab me that fast but this album just fits, it's almost like it's already a classic album with music I have been enjoying for years.

No ballads anywhere to be found "Fight the Fire", "Vampire", "Devil in the Dust" this album doesn't come up for air at all. "Rock n Roll Soul", "One Man Revolution", "Blood" and finally "Take My Time" closing out the album dripping with sweat. This people, is the blueprint for a great rock n roll record. I feel like I should go take a shower, it's that dirty.

Screaming Eagles - From The Flames!

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