Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sammy & Friends = An Album Nobody Wants or Lulu Part Deux

World's reaction after listening to a Sammy & Friends / Lulu playlist

"As a rule, we're always supposed to applaud the collapse of the record industry.  But that collapse is why Lulu exists. If we still lived in the radio prison of 1992, do you think Metallica would purposefully release an album that no one wants? No way.  [After hearing this idea] ten minutes later Bob Rock would be parking his Lexus at the studio."  - Chuck Klosterman - Lulu Review (

I quote the great Klosterman (author of classics such as Fargo Rock City, hard rock enthusiast, all around badass) as it's the only explanation that Sammy & Friends exists.

Sammy & Friends is a pointless, random cover album made with a target audience of nobody.  I seriously don't know who this album is for.

I take that back.  If you have been starving for Sammy to cover Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" and for him to complete his transformation into a mop topped Jimmy Buffet by covering "Margaritaville" along with Toby Keith then you are in for a fucking treat.  Nothing unique is added with any of the covers, its strictly Sammy Karaoke & Friends.  

I've already deleted it from my hard drive as I feared it soon spread like a virus, infect my entire library, and make Appetite For Destruction sound like Lulu. Come to think of it, the only thing missing on Sammy & Friends is a 10 minute mashup of endless Lou Reed mumbles and Sammy shouting"Oh..Yeah!"

Maybe Sammy was abducted by aliens.  Again.  

Your power to create a not awful supergroup has been erased. 
Maybe this was a blast to record but unfortunately no amount of Cabo Wabo consumed during the process helped with the results.  

Maybe I would not consider it so outrageous if it wasn't released right after Sammy helped create one of the only supergroups in the history of supergroups that didn't suck.  

I will now listen to both Chickenfoot albums on a loop along with choice solo and Van Hagar tracks while reading his autobiography Red to begin the healing process.  

Keep Drinking.  It will not help.  
A note about the author:  

Loose Cannon is a man with no credibility and a questionable sense of humor. 

LC has thoroughly enjoyed the Chickenfoot albums and is a fan of Montrose, 5150, OU812 and other select tracks from Sammy's solo career and Van Halan era. He also cannot recommend his autobiography "Red" enough - an incredible read and the business end of Sammy's career is fascinating: Cabo Wabo, other successful ventures, etc. 

LC will also help Hagar's bank account yet again as he already bought tickets for his latest tour but if he opts to bring the concert to a screeching halt playing any of these tracks, he will take this opportunity to empty his bladder. 

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