Thursday, March 21, 2013

Now Hear This: Leatherface - Mush


     Leatherface were a British punk band that formed in 1988. They started out playing mild hardcore but their sound changed rapidly and by the time their third album Mush was released in 1991 the band were difficult to categorize. The fact that singer Franki Stubbs' voice reminds people of Lemmy's isn't the only reason that the band get compared to Motorhead. They might have lacked the inherent metal-ness of Motorhead but Leatherface wrote the same kind of galloping punky rock songs.

     The first track on Mush, "I Want the Moon," is more rock than punk and has a great hook.

     Next up is another great song, "How Lonely," a moody punk track that sounds like Metallica covering Husker Du.

     The album gets slightly mellower with "I Don't Want To Be the One To Say It." This time it's Metallica covering the Goo Goo Dolls.

     Holy shit, "Not a Day Goes By" is next and it's one of the best songs on the record. Metallica covering The Police?

     The next song "Not Superstitious" was released as a single and it's obvious why, it's the most melodic song on the album and the closest the band would get to a ballad. Metallica covering Suzanne Vega?

     The band seem to have emptied their bag of tricks on those first six songs and the next six are good but a sort of retread of what we've already heard. Leatherface's next album, Minx, was similar to Mush but not as inspired. "Do the Right Thing" is great.

     And "Pale Moonlight" is my favorite song by the band, and their most metallic.

     The band also recorded an insane cover of the Abba song "Eagle." Want to hear a bad Abba song become a great Iron Maiden song? Of course you do. Check it out:

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