Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Episode 32 - Radio Sucks Radio Show: Canadian Edition


While America is our home base and largest listener area, our friends up to the north have been accumulating like a blizzard lately. We've had quite a few new Canadian listeners over the past year. There are a few reasons, we think, for this.

1. Mitch Lafon of was the first official guest to ever be on the Decibel Geek podcast and is based out of the Montreal area. He's also appeared a couple other times as a guest.
Mitch Lafon & Russ Dwarf

2. Our interview with Killer Dwarfs singer Russ Dwarf helped us attain more audience members. KD is a great band and Russ still waves the flag up in Canada.

3. The addition of Wally Norton to the Decibel Geek staff. Wally's regular feature, Hoser Heavy Metal has helped shed some light on Canadian rock bands you should check out. His recent interview with Helix's Brian Vollmer also received acclaim throughout the internet and brought more folks from the Great White North our way.

So, with that said, it's only natural that we'd decide to shine a spotlight firmly on Canada. This week we're cranking tunes by bands/artists from Canada that are considered legends, some that could be considered diamonds in the rough, and some that we're pretty sure you've never heard before.

We debut the new Fresh Blood feature in this episode that gives you a listen to something brand spanking new that actually sounds good; a rare feat on the radio these days.

Chris shares his thoughts on the music documentary 'Mayor of the Sunset Strip' and why it's appropriate to the Radio Sucks subject. He also tries to explain the Decibel Geek habit of hating Nickelback and why they will never, ever be played on the show (unless it's for parody's sake).

It's a full hour+ jam packed with rock and metal from our neighbors to the north. So, grab a brew and open your ears for a party in your head. We love you hosers!

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RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

Man, Jon is gonna love this show. He is a huge Strapping Young Lad fan. He's featured them here on Classic Rock Bottom before, but they are a bit too heavy for me, although this song is pretty good.

I wanna like that new Seb. Bach album. I have it, but there's just something about his vocals that bothers me. And I've always thought he was a great talent. Actually, he's squandered a large amount of his career for some reason. And all I mean is that it seems like he should be on way more albums by now. He's been on the scene for over 20 years.

I have the newest Danko Jones from a couple of years ago, but that's it. This song was really good, but there are better songs on that album. You should check it out.

I thought Striker and Melissa "whateverhernameis" were nice picks. Hell, I even liked the Killer Dwarfs and Coney Hatch, and I'm not the least bit familiar with those bands.

But how 'bout Aaron pulling Steppenwolf out? That was a stroke of genius. Great, great old (like me) tune.

I love BTO, but I know they aren't metal so they were pretty much a no go. But you may wanna check out a Canadian band named Cauldron. I have one album by them and despite the horrible production, there songs are quite good.

Great show Chris and Aaron. Keep 'em coming.

Jon said...

Ahh man-love for Devin Townsend and everything he does! Ever since his debut on Steve Vai's "Sex & Religion" album, I am just in awe of all things Devin. SYL might be a hard listen to some, but I thoroughly enujoy all their albums, they're actually a lot more melodic than you'd think, especially after a few listens. And if I were to have a theme song (everyone should have a theme song, right?), I would pick SYL's song #8 from "The New Black" (can't mention the title of the song for fear of upsetting the young 'uns), just makes me want to get up and go!

Funny thing is, for our top 5 lists I was going to go with top 5 Canadian bands/artists (except Rush) but changed that about a week ago. Something must be blowing south from our fine northern neighbors!

I have heard of both Coney Hatch and Killer Dwarfs, but never listened to them, and both those songs were very good. I'm going to have to pick up some of their stuff, only thing is I get Coney Hatch and Corey Hart mixed up.

As for Steppenwolf..."The Pusher" is the only song I like by them. Saw them in concert about 12 years ago, along with BOC, Pat Travers and others, and they were not good and they were the headliner. Still, the song you played is pretty good, at least it wasn't that other song....

No Nickelback and Triumph? You guys ROCK!

Chris said...

Glad you guys dug the show! I was a bit apprehensive about spinning the SYL song since it's so much heavier that what we usually play but had to go with my gut. May have to spin some other "heavier" stuff in the future.

- Chris

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