Thursday, August 11, 2011

Newsy Bits & Rik Fox Episode Coming!


Got a few things that I felt like spouting off about (ie. informing you).

It looks like we may have a couple new team members joining the Decibel Geek podcast very soon. In addition to the recent addition of new producer Marc Bullard, there are a couple of prospects meeting with us this weekend to discuss how they can possibly help spread our gospel of rock geekdom and witty, sarcastic humor. One of them may even be joining me on the air in future episodes so you don't have to keep enduring my exciting monotone drone through the whole show.

Another possible contributor to the blog is meeting with us as well so maybe this site will actually be more than my mindless rants and neurosis.

Coming up (hopefully) this weekend will be Part 1 of a 2 Part in-depth discussion with Rik Fox; formerly of WASP, Steeler, & Sin among others. Rik has an amazing history and was entrenched in both the 70's NY Rock scene with the likes of KISS, Ramones, NY Dolls, etc. as well as the L.A. Sunset Strip explosion in the 1980's; working with such characters as Blackie Lawless, Ron Keel, and Yngwie Malmsteen.

You'll remember Rik for my Vinnie Vincent special in which he shared his story about how his song 'On the Run' was lifted by Vinnie Vincent for 'Let Freedom Rock' from the first Invasion album. If you want to check out the SIN tune, here's a youtube clip of it; although that cat is going to give me nightmares.


Chris said...
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Vic Radacic said...

Looking forward to the next Podcast Chris!!

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