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All That Remains - The Order Of Things

With all of the success All That Remains has had they still seem to fly under the radar so to speak of other bands in their genre'.  Maybe it's their substance over style approach or maybe they just aren't dumb enough.  It seems with metal playing to the lowest common denominator has its advantages.  As much as I would like to turn this into an article about what is and what will never be I'm here to talk about their latest record.  
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While they have had some lineup changes they have largely been the same band since 2008 with the album that put them on my radar Overcome.  The song Two Weeks was a breath of fresh air on hard rock radio which had become (and still is) a graveyard for boring cookie cutter garbage. 
I thought their next record For We Are Many was good yet I still felt it underwhelmed.  Great band who had yet to deliver a great album.  Sure Phil has plenty to say and doesn't mind saying it.  Too often the term "outspoken" is applied to a person willing to say stupid or hurtful things in spite of common sense.  Blame that on a headline driven society.  Phil Labonte is outspoken.  He may say things that will hurt or offend people.  But he is not stupid.  Nor are the things he says.  And that comes across in his lyrics.  Let's talk about the music. 
I've already gone on record as saying they haven't done a complete album.  Well they have a new one called The Order Of Things that changes that.  The first single and opening track This Probably Won't End Well may already be my favorite ATR song.  It contains everything I love about this band.  Aggressive melody and loaded with riffs.  The next song No Knock is a bit aggressive for my taste but unlike many of ATR's contemporaries they don't need a separate vocalist for the aggressive singing and one for the melodic singing.  Phil may be the best since Tom Araya at doing both.  This song is so heavy I threw out my back listening to it.  This song is so heavy I'd have to drink a six pack before sleeping with it.  This song is so heavy... you get the point.  
The next song Divide is good but possibly my least favorite on the record.  Which is a compliment to strength of this record. The Greatest Generation, is a tribute to the military and past sacrifices of World War II Veterans.  Here's the thing.  It's sooooo easy for bands to support our military and seem like patriotic good guys.  Plenty of bands have made a concentrated effort to make sure everyone knows how much they love our armed forces.  But it's hard to do it and seem real.  Too often, as well intentioned it may be, it comes off as a token insincere gesture.  But ATR pulls it off.  This song welcomes the attitude that built this country during the post WWII era.  An homage to a possibly forgotten time and work ethic.  It's cool, good and respectful.  As someone from a military family I appreciated it.
There isn't a weak spot the rest of the way.  If you like this band.  If you like this style of music.  If you like music so Heavy you'll probably regret it the next morning.  Buy this record.  It's them at their best.  Remaining highlights would be A Reason For Me To Fight, Bight My Tongue, Fiat Empire and Victory Lap.  But honestly this record never lets up.  If there is a weak song it's only so by comparison.  I've barely talked about the band which led by guitarist Oli Herbert, is incredible and I would encourage you to see them live.  And it's nice to hear music played by musicians with words that mean something.  Intelligence without being insulting.  Even if you don't agree with what Phil is saying you can respect that he does. 

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