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The Top 10 Decibel Geek YouTube videos... As viewed by YOU!

Hello everyone out there!

I hope you've been Livin' After Midnight and Heading Out to the Highway that is 2015! This past year, every one of y'all who have checked out the YouTube page has contributed a great deal to it's success. Without further ado...

The Top 10 Decibel Geek YouTube videos, as viewed by you!

10. Episode 94 - Peter "Moose" Oreckinto - Part I

A unique insight into the 'Hottest Band in the Land' from a man who was there on the front lines. Peter, nicknamed "Moose" by Paul Stanley, delves into a lot of the early life of the band. He also covers some ground that ventures into interesting territory on the business end of things. Chris & AAron host Moose for a two part conversation, and both are equally good. Check them both out!

9. Devil City Angels - Never Enough

This year, we've been bringing live performance video of up & coming and well known artists talked about here at the Decibel Geek podcast. This was the genesis of an idea from our very own The Meister, who had been recording song videos with some extreme dedication! Except this video was brought in by Decibel Geek's Instagram guy, MikeG!
Devil City Angels is Rikki Rockett from Poison, Tracii Guns from L.A. Guns, Eric Brittingham from Cinderella and Brandon Gibbs from Cheap Thrill. In this video they're covering "Never Enough" from Tracii's old band, L.A. Guns!

8. KiLLeR DWaRfS - Hard Luck Town

Number 8 continues with the live performance videos. We've grown to call Decibel Geek TV, in ode to a cable channel that was once known for playing music videos (fancy idea, right?). This music video captured by The Meister, is the Decibel Geek favorite KiLLeR DWaRfS performing Hard Luck Town. There's two other videos from this event on our page, all worth checking out!

7. Episode 21 - Eddie Trunk

Eddie Trunk is a name synonymous with the coverage of things hard rock & heavy metal. Whether you agree or disagree he's there covering a lot of the coming & goings of the business. In this archive interview, Chris & AAron talk to the host of That Metal Show about his career in radio, his time at Megaforce, Ace and that little band you know as KISS. Plus more! A worthwhile interview to check out and watch!

6. Episode 50 - Bruce Kulick

I'm pretty sure AAron had to pinch Chris to make sure he wasn't dreaming on this one. The guys sit down with Grand Funk Railroad and former KISS guitarist to talk about many things in his career. From Andrea True, Meatloaf, Union, KISS, Grand Funk, a stranded podcast co-host at a KISS concert, and an awkward letter in stage signage, it's all covered. A definite must view!

5. Episode 19 - Eric Carr discussion with Loretta Caravello

While Eric Carr is no longer with us, his sister Loretta Caravello has done quite a bit to keep Eric's spirit alive. She takes some time to talk with Chris & AAron about her brother's life and time within KISS, even answering some questions that KISS fans wanted to know. Eric may be gone, but he's far from forgotten.

4. Episode 82 - John Regan

John Regan has had a prolific career if you look at some of the people he's worked with over the years. While he's currently in Four by Fate and most known for Frehley's Comet, he's worked with Peter Frampton, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, The Stones, Diamond Dave, John Waite and Bonnie Tyler. Listen to these stories of his career on this enhanced interview!

3. Episode 5.2 - Vinnie Vincent Special II

It should be no surprise that Vinnie Vincent is a hot topic. His enigmatic presence in this world leaves a lot of people scratching their heads and wanting to know more. Chris at one time wanted to write a book about the guy, but it manifested itself into the Decibel Geek favorite Vinnie Vincent specials. What you'll hear here is conversation about the guy and some interviews with people who have had dealings with the guy himself. Guests include: Alexx Michael, One on One With Mitch Lafon's very own Mitch Lafon, Vic Radacic from the VV Fan Forums and the late Ed Roman. Enjoy!

2. Episode 40 - Lydia Criss

Lydia Criss has an interesting perspective on KISS, she was married to the band's drummer. In this episode she talks about what it was like living with The Catman, what it was like being around the band and things about her life. She talks about her book, Sealed with a Kiss and many other things. It's a really must-listen interview if you ever have called yourself a KISS fan at any point of your life!

And the number one video, as viewed by you... *drumroll*

1. Episode 5.1 - Vinnie Vincent Special I

As the person who has worked on the YouTube side of things here at the Decibel Geek Podcast, this interview took off like a wildfire when it was posted in its enhanced form last year. The Decibel Geeks really love to hear stories about one Vincent Cusano and this video proved it! Interviews with Rik Fox and Kelli Raven highlight this first Vinnie Vincent special. As voted with your views, this is really a must watch!

We want to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to check out the Decibel Geek Podcast YouTube page. There is more coming, so if you haven't checked it out, make some time to check it out. You'll be glad you did.

Thank you all and rock out 2015!

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