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Maylene & The Sons of Disaster: The Power of Rock Compels You

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster III album review

Maybe you've heard of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Probably not.  But they released a damn fine balls out rock album in 2009 that recently came up in shuffle today and prompted me to inform you of it's greatness.  It is a bit different then what is normally listed here but it is my job to expand your horizons.  

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster III album review
Band pic or extras from Deliverance.  Not sure.  
This album is so good, it will put hair on your chest. If you already HAVE hair on your chest, it will make those hairs fall out and replace them with stronger and blacker hairs. Metal hairs.    

This is not for the weak and definitely not background music.  It is an adrenaline shot to the heart, a full force assault on your ears, and hope that rock isn't dead after all. It's just gone God. That's right, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster are a Christian band. 

Heavens, no! But this ain't your preacher's Christian band, this is smash mouth rock with a message sure, but these guys are about the rock first and the sermon second.  I normally only associate with pagans and usually worship whatever God is of the passing fancy; be it Baal, Yehweh, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  I have dipped my toes in the waters of Christian music and found it to be a bit nippily. The music is usually satisfactory but all the "worship Him" and "enter my heart" stuff just gets redundant.  More interesting are the bands that start with a Christian message, but don't feel the need to beat you about the head and body with the Jesus Stick. But I am open minded.  

Here's Step Up which along with Just a Shock has been featured in Sons of Anarchy.  They blend some aggressive singing and sense of melody on these tracks and this will give you an idea of their overall sound.  

According to my usual sources (Wikipedia), Maylene and the Sons of Disaster take their name from the Ma Barker gang. They were a group of criminals in the early 20th century and the band has taken their story as inspiration. Translation: the band writes some hard rocking songs about living a bad life and facing God's judgment at the bitter end.   Those badassed tunes are so damn good the album flies by. Before you know it you are ready to listen to it all over again. 

The album opens with the sound of various swamp noises segueing into a banjo and acoustic guitar before giving way to a full throated assault by front man Dallas Taylor on "Waiting on my Deathbed". Taylor shreds his voice on the song, howling like all the demons of hell are chasing him and this is just the beginning. Song after song brings the rock and it is glorious. 

The one time III slows down is the middle of the album with "Listen Close". Both a title and a command, it's hard not to think the entire album is built around the song, the eye of the tornado as it were.  Built around a stunning riff that will embed itself in your brain for days.  If the rest of the album is too scary you will enjoy this song at the very least.  

Bottom line; the album is killer and is a perfect soundtrack for the gym or a bank robbing spree. It is ridiculous these guys aren't bigger than they are. You simply cannot go another day without getting this album. From beginning to end it will melt your face off with blistering guitars and shredding vocals. It will renew your faith in rock, and maybe even in God. Or Cthulu. You know, whatever. 

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