Friday, October 10, 2014

Orange Goblin Is Back From The Abyss


A buddy of mine gave me a copy of Orange Goblin’s Healing Through Fire back in 2008 and it was like coming out of a coma.  I like many types of music but the core of my taste is loud drums, distorted guitars and high power singing. Which is also how I'd describe Orange Goblin.  Plus they’re called Orange Goblin.  So hey, they got a new record out and I’m gonna listen to it and tell ya what I think. 
Produced by Jamie Dodd who was also responsible for 2012’s opus A Eulogy For The Damned.  The album cover is more than a nod to Iron Maiden’s Final Frontier.  Let’s just say it’s got some similarities.  Lets see what it sounds like.  

Sabbath Hex - Oh what do you know.  An insane riff that is both simple and mind melting.  Standard Orange Goblin.  A bit of that stoner rock sound with an almost punk aggressiveness.  At times this song reminds me of Pentagram.  Jesus another great riff.  Great vibe.  This will be put on repeat.
Ubermensch - If Ben Ward weren't, well Ben Ward, I'm not sure this band would exist.  Maybe he's not a great singer .  But he's a great singer for Orange Goblin.  This song picks up where the last one left off. 
The Devils Whip - A bit of a Motorhead feel.  This is my favorite track so far.
Demon Blues - Another great heavy rock riff starts off this track.  The riff it switches into makes me wish I had another soul to sell.  I hear bits of early KISS, Dimebag and even Sabbath.  This song is fucking cool.
Heavy Lies The Crown - They're slowing it down for this one.  And then it ramps.  Joe Hoare's riff's climb all over this record.  It's hard to imagine there was a time he wasn't in the band.  He rules on this song and it's hard to comprehend a different guitarist for this band.  Heavy.
Into The Arms Of Morpheus - Probably the most Stoner Rock sounding song so far.  A slow jam start leaves room for Hoare to let rip for a bit.  This songs ok it just isn't grabbing me as much as the rest of the record so far.   It has all the hallmarks of the band I just find it a tad boring.
Mythical Knives - Oh I'm liking this.  Intro has a Rhoad's era Ozzy feel.  And man does it kick in.  Why can't all music be like this?  Hoare's lead playing is both intense and understated. I can't state that enough.
Bloodzilla - You know a song called Bloodzilla is gonna kick ass... right?  And it delivers.  I can see Ward hulking over the front row with his fist in the air as they deliver this bone cruncher as he drips sweat.  I can't believe it's already over.  I'm gonna grab another beer and listen to this song again.  
Abyss - Looks like it's time find out what they're back from.  With a name like Abyss it needs to be epic. This is what I assume Satan would listen to in his minivan when dropping his kids off at school.  If I don't overdose on all of the Riff's on this record I will surely have Riff withdrawals tomorrow.
Titan - An instrumental with a feel of the Smashing Pumpkins Gish era.  Kind of cool.
Blood Of Them - This would make a great soundtrack to a colonoscopy.  I'm not joking.  This is the perfect bass line for a camera snaking through your colon.  And I mean that in the metalist way possible. Sometimes I listen to a band or a record and I think "Fuck!  I'll never be this cool."  This album is having that effect on me.  I can tell exactly what they are doing yet I don't know how they do it.
The Shadow Over Innsmouth - Last song. An instrumental that fades into what has to be an Abyss.
Well I'm sweaty, hoarse and a little buzzed.  There were so many riffs I want to burn my guitars just for trying.  You should buy this.    

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