Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Alive! Top 5 Live Albums with Luc Carl - Ep155

It's hard to believe that this week's theme has not been covered on the Decibel Geek Podcast but today it takes place.

Media worlds collide this week as SiriusXM deejay and author Luc Carl joins the Decibel Geek podcast to discuss their Top 5 Live Albums. When picking parameters for their choices it was mutually agreed that each person would choose albums that had a personal meaning to them in their journey through music and life. Because of that, you're going to hear a wide variety of picks; some you'll agree with and others you won't. Either way, there's lots of tunes, lots of laughs, and lots of great stories shared between Chris, Aaron, and the Ayatollah of Jack and Cola, Luc Carl!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Extremely entertaining, at times controversial, always fun! That is the DGP experience in a sentence.

My list for fav 5 Live Albums (this list is impossible!)

5. Journey : Captured
A much maligned band that went very formulaic and ballady after Cain joined in. This album features Gregg Rolie on keys; and I think that his style was a better fit for the band, and he provided vocal melodies that contrasted well with Perry's.

4. Kiss : Alive!
My story with Kiss is tormented. Heaven's on Fire was my initiation into Kiss and I loved it, then came Asylum, Crazy Nights... and as I explored the 70's catalog I felt disillusioned with the 80's version. This album was the biggest reason for it. Compared to this, 80's Kiss looked like clowns. Alive II is a fine album, but no matter what people say, the 4th side (except for Rocket Ride of course!) sucks pretty bad.

3. Tesla: Five Man Acoustical Jam
This has to be what pushed all those Unplugged shows in eMpTyV all those years ago, right? This is in my rotation all the time, I cant get tired of it. Musically great, fabulous renditions of their songs and they pay homage to their influences. The best part of it? The mistakes they make and how they play those with the audience.

2. Queen : Live Killers
Freddie Mercury, best front man(?) ever?

1. Rush: Different Stages
Most people would prefer "Exit... Stage Left", but they are wrong. This is the 4th official live album from Rush, and it's the best. "Sate Left"'s sound is way subdued, it's like you are listening to it through a plaster wall. This one is perfect, excellent sound, excellent songs performed, and what's that? All of 2112?? How can this not be #1?

Honorable mentions:
Led Zep - "How the West was Won"
Dream Theater "Once in a LIVEtime"
W.A.S.P. - "Live... In the Raw"
UFO - "Strangers in the Night"

Great show guys, looking forward to part #2 of this episode!

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