Sunday, August 3, 2014

Anthrax Discussion part 2 - Ep148

After a jam-packed KISSMAS in July, we're back this week for the second half of our Anthrax discussion with special guest Victor M. Ruiz from Mars Attacks and Talking Metal.

In this long-form discussion Chris, Aaron, and Victor dissect the second decade of the Anthrax story. Starting with 1993's 'Sound of White Noise' and going all the way through 2013's 'Anthems' EP, there was a lot of change in the Anthrax camp. What started out as a new life with former Armored Saint front man John Bush would lead to an interesting game of musical chairs over the years and would ultimately result in the return of Joey Belladonna.

In part 2 of this Anthrax career discussion, your hosts share their thoughts on the musical and personnel choices made by the band in the past 10 years. Was 'Sound of White Noise' a stab at being a grunge band? Did 'Stomp 442' have no chance at equaling the success of 'White Noise'? Was Bush's more serious side pushing out the youthful and humorous spirit of the Belladonna-era?

Other topics touched upon in this coversation are the behind the scenes power moves that have taken place, trouble with record companies, surviving an American tragedy, and unsung heroes in the Anthrax alumni.

It's a fun, thoughtful discussion and not everyone agrees with the choices made. We'd like to hear YOUR take on all of this and you can give it to us by any means listed in the Contact Us section below.

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