Saturday, July 5, 2014



Paul Stamm I accept your challenge and will connect Corrosion of Conformity to KISS in six steps or less.

Corrosion of Conformity were an American hardcore punk band from North Carolina that eventually morphed into a heavy metal band. Their 1991 album Blind is an unsung thrash metal classic.

So how am I going to connect such corrosive elements to KISS in six steps or less? Like this:

1. Corrosion of Conformity's early nineties albums like Blind and Deliverance were produced by John Custer.

2. John Custer produced Brother, the first album by another band from North Carolina, Cry of Love.

3. Robert Mason replaced Kelly Holland as Cry of Love's singer in 1996.

4. In 1991 Robert Mason had replaced Oni Logan as the singer in George Lynch's post-Dokken band Lynch Mob and the bassist in that band was a guy named Anthony Esposito.

5. Anthony Esposito played bass on parts of Ace Frehley's 2009 album Anomaly and was also a member of Ace's touring band for that record.

6. Ace Frehley of course was in KISS.

And there you have it.

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