Sunday, May 18, 2014

Conversation with Killer Dwarfs - Ep 137

Last week Aaron Camaro went solo with his one on one talk with Mike Tramp. This week Chris decides to strike out on his own with an in-person hangout with some legends of the Great White North.

The Killer Dwarfs were spending a day in Nashville at Sirius Hair Nation deejay Luc Carl’s “metal farm” and Chris took the opportunity to hang out and pester the guys with a microphone between beers. What you’ll hear in the first half of this episode is Chris (and writer Billy Hardaway) hanging out on a patio with the Dwarfs and Luc Carl while chatting about an assortment of stuff including their mutual love for Alice Cooper, touring with Saxon in the 80’s, and what happened to that can of Cuddly Cola from the ‘We Stand Alone’ video.

The second half of the show features a one on one talk that Chris has with Darrell about his time with the band Laidlaw, his other band Automan, getting back together with the Dwarfs, sharing a studio with KISS in 1992 and what Dwarfs fans can expect on their current tour in support of their Start @ One album.

Geeks of the Week:

DJ Novak, Jaime Tigertailz, Jay Arnold, Stuart Brown

Joe Lascon, Todd Cunningham, Lee Maslin (Audio Junkies), Robert De Pasqua, Andy Lafon, Billy Hardaway, Derik Novak, Dave Shirt, Brent Walter, Scott Yeager, JTB’s Groovy Record Room, Shane Hebert, Rodney Dickson

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