Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bracket Buster - Episode 131


If you're anywhere near America during this time of year, the term "March Madness" seems to permeate the air. The NCAA basketball tournament becomes the sports centerpiece for the entire month of March and sports and non-sports fans escape into office pools of their own brackets in an attempt to prove their sports knowledge. The musical equivalent of this takes place on (crappy) radio stations across the land; with stations assigning bands in the bracket spots and letting listeners vote on who should be crowned the champ. 

This week Aaron and Chris take a rock band bracket list and go head-to-head in a discussion/argument over what happens when you pit these bands against each other. Some of these matchups and picks will anger you, make you laugh, question our sanity. Either way, it's a fun, laid-back talk between Aaron and Chris and more indisputable evidence that radio absolutely, positively sucks.

Geeks of the Week:
Matt Ashcraft, Todd Cunningham, Chris Karam, Rick Shaw, Derik Novak, Patrick Johnson, Brian N Shawna Evans, Rodney Dickson, Shane Hebert, Jason Thomas Broadrick

Nick Rose (belated), Cassius Morris, Jason Wood, Nonsensicast Radio, Mojo Dave, The Pod Mafia,

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