Friday, November 1, 2013

Meister Discovers He Is Not A Monster Magnet Fan


From time to time around the Decibel Geek headquarters we receive albums for review and this time Monster Magnet's newest release Last Patrol was up for grabs.  Being a fan of Monster Magnet and looking forward to catching them at Sweden Rock Festival in 2014 as they've already been announced I jumped on the chance.

Well, sometimes mistakes are made..........and upon reflection while struggling through the album, not once in three rotations making it past track #5, I recalled that out of the Monster Magnet albums that are in my collection the only thing I actually like is the idea of liking them.  I never play the albums or even the tracks off of them such as "Face Down" from 1993's Superjudge or "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" from 1995's Dopes to Infinity or even "Space Lord" off 1998's Powertrip, that enticed me into the album purchases.  Perhaps these songs convinced me to buy the album as they were shoved down my throat by radio and video outlets and I fell victim to mass marketing?  In any case here we are.....

Monster Magnet was formed by Dave Wyndorf in Red bank New Jersey in 1989 and went by several different names before settling on Monster Magnet inspired by a toy from Wyndorf's youth.  Classified as "stoner rock" or "space rock" officially, they were often lumped into the grunge alternative scene and touring with Soundagrden did not help that mis-label.  It did however help get a major label recording contract for the release of their second full length, Superjudge, but the two video releases from that album did not propel it to commercial stardom.  Dopes to Infinity fared only marginally better even though "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" received regular MTV and MuchMusic rotations.  Powertrip was the breakthrough that earned a gold record on the strength of the single "Space Lord".  God Says No came in 2000 and did not measure up to the success of Powertrip and neither did 2004's Monolithic Baby.  After enduring some line-up changes the next release, expected in 2006, was delayed due to Wyndorf's overdose on prescription drugs.  4-Way Diablo dropped in 2007 followed by Mastermind in 2010.  Now Mr Wyndorf and company serve us Last Patrol in 2013.

To be completely honest...I hate it.  I lose interest before the first track, "I Live Behind The Clouds", even gets half way through.  The whole thing just blends together into one long song with a barrage of weird noises and tempo changes.  I suppose if you are a fan of the "space rock" genre or of Monster Magnet, which I am clearly not then this is probably the album for you.  Anyone want to buy three barely played Monster Magnet CD'

The Meister

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Unknown said...

If one doesn't understand Drugrock/Spacerock, I believe this album doesn't have much to offer.
After MM released God says no, its been a downward slope IMHO.
The latest release, Last patrol, takes a step back toward the direction where it all started from.
As "I live behind the clouds" made room to "The three kingfishers" using "Last patrol" as a transition, I was convinced; This is definately the best album since God says no.
"Monolithic baby" clearly shouted out the fact that the worst album is a comming, and "4-way diablo" was definately just that. I got off the bus. And stayed off until a few months back.

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