Friday, September 13, 2013

Sinister Realm:Bringing MORE METAL To The Children


In the days of boy bands reuniting, Miley trying to twerk, and Lil Wayne disrespecting the American flag in the name of album sales, it's nice to see something be whop up on the scene. Problem is, the breath of air is PURE 100000% AMERICAN METAL. So metal, it's like Rob Halford had a baby, locked away until the age of five, then released and given vocal lessons by Bruce Dickinson. Yes folks, British Steel Royalty...but its AMERICANIZED.

The idea of Sinister Realm was formed in 2008 when former Pale Devine bandmates John Gaffeny(bass) and Darren McCloskey(guitar) got together. Influenced by the versions of Ozzy Osbourne and the late great Ronnie James Dio versions of Black Sabbath, it was this mold that the guys worked in and around. As songs started forming and taking shape, the guys figured they should form an actual band. Enter Alex Kristof. Now that the guys have a singer, they just need to complete the band. Eventually the guys recruit John Kantner (guitar), John Risko (guitar) and Chris Metzger (drums). Sinister Realm was complete and ready to forge their path to metal stardom.
"World of Evil" is the latest offering from this Allentown,Pa band, who already have two other albums under their belt. This new album is pretty melodic, you can hear a Priest and Black Sabbath influence on title track "World of Evil",sort of a theme song with the current events going on right now. The guitar work is clean and ties together great with the lyrics. The ending howl is classic Halford with a mix of Geoff Tate (the old Tate). 

"The Ghosts of NeverMore" has a Dio meets Savatage feel to it. Sadly, the lyrics fall flat on what could be a potential hit. Risko and Kantner play with soul and conviction on the track, and the bass lows in and out, but the vocals are flat. This is that one song you gotta play a few times to get the proper feel for it, at a loud level. "Prophets of War" is also a song that speaks of the events current, but the lyrics are a tad flat, however, it is a song worth listening to.
While Sinister Realm junior effort, this is a band not to be counted out. These guys got talent, and they can play damn good. This is an album I would buy, and listen to. The one thing I can say is that vocalist Alex Kristof is a voice force to be reckoned with. He has a power of a young Dio, Osbourne, Halford and Tate. These guys have a strong foundation and they are building their own pathway to the top. This album is worth buying,and listening. I'd give it four stars.

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