Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Be A Good Neighbor With Ugly Kid Joe


General Robert E. Lee said “What a cruel thing war is….to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors”. Bullshit! The Bible says to “ Love thy neighbor as thyself”. How can you with low self esteem being what it is? I have some issues with one of my neighbors. They have a dog, a Chow named Teddy that barks constantly. They have had the dog for over five years and it will still charge the fence and growl and snap as if we were total strangers. They park their cars in front of my house, when all they have to do is back up 20 feet and park in front of their own house. A little simple common courtesy goes along way. As you can see, I am gearing up to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day on September 28th.

National Good Neighbor Day is a simple little holiday. Unlike the huge commercialized holidays that we all love and hate, National Good Neighbor Day is where we , the pillars in our communities, attempt to strengthen the social fabric by doing an act of kindness or showing an expression of friendship to those who live near us.

The origins of Good Neighbor Day date back to the early 1970’s when a Montana woman wanted to create a day to celebrate the significance of good neighbors. She was backed by her State and local politicians as well as former Presidents Nixon, Carter, and Reagan. Up until 2003 it was held on the fourth Sunday of September before being made a national holiday that same year. Here are some suggestions for celebrating National Good Neighbor Day:
1. Help your neighbor.
2. Offer a smile and friendly hello.
3. Have your neighbor over for a meal.
4. Hold a block party.
5. Get to know your neighbor better.
Lets go with 6!!
Specifically, lets crank the track "Neighbor" from the bands 1992 album "America's Least Wanted".

"America's Least Wanted" was released in the Fall of 1992. "Neighbor" is one of three charting singles on the album. The album itself reached #27 in the US and #11 in the UK while the single topped out at #29 and #28. The initial pressing had cover art which some retailers found offensive, thus garnering a censored version. Critically, it was either loved or hated.
The band produced the album along with Mark Dodson, who has worked with Anthrax, Ozzy and Metal Church. Special guests include Judas Priest front man Rob Halford on background vocals, Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins lending a hand on percussion, Carrie Hamilton; daughter of comedienne Carol Burnett, on piano. Laying down some extra rhythm guitar is Dean Pleasants from Suicidal Tendencies and the Jessica Simpson Band. After the albums release, Ugly Kid Joe toured with Ozzy and Def Leppard as well as headlining a sold out tour of Australia and Japan.
Ugly Kid Joe disbanded in 1997 but over the course of the last several years they have churned a slow grinder of reuniting and released an EP in the summer of 2012.
I suppose the right thing to do this September 28th or any day is to try to be a good neighbor because in return, your neighbor just may return the gesture.

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