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World Series Of Kiss - ROUND 2 - Destroyer VS Hot In The Shade


Chris: As much as I love Hot in the Shade for my own sentimental reasons, there’s no way I, in good conscience, can pick it over Destroyer. I will say that I think Destroyer is highly overrated; especially by the band. But I can’t ignore Detroit Rock City, Flaming Youth, and King of the Nighttime World in favor of Silver Spoon, Cadillac Dreams, and Read My Body. Winner: Destroyer

Rich: I suspect that Hot In The Shade got lucky and snuck through the first round being matched up against the deplorable Gene Simmons Solo.  I have heard Hot In The Shade lambasted by others on many occasions.  I am a big fan of Hot In The Shade and it holds a special place in my heart as seeing the video for Rise To It as a kid and watching the little prelude where the boys don the make-up for the first time in like seven years was a special moment.  The resulting tour was the first KISS show that I ever saw live.  They played in Toronto with Whitesnake and KISS was on first and not allowed to do their whole show.  They promised to return and give us the full KISS experience and they did just that, coming to Hamilton later in the year.  While my seats for this show were of the nosebleed variety, it turns out that esteemed colleague Wallygator was down on the floor at the same show all those years ago!  While I understand Destroyer and what it is to KISS, for me it’s Hot In The Shade here….there I go voting with my heart rather than my head again! Winner: Hot In The Shade

AAron: Destroyer every day of the week... and twice on Sundays! (editor's note: Geesh AAron tell us how you really feel.) Winner: Destroyer

BJ: I’ve already stated that I feel Destroyer is overrated and was needlessly overproduced. Hot In The Shade contains some very bad songs but also some songs that I like a lot. What the hell, let’s use the good ole 1-10 scale!


Detroit Rock City 10
King of the Night Time World 10
God of Thunder 4
Great Expectations 1
Flaming Youth 9
Sweet Pain 5
Shout It Out Loud 7
Beth 2
Do You Love Me 3

Hot In The Shade

Rise To It 8
Betrayed 6
Hide Your Heart 5
Prisoner of Love 4
Read My Body 1
Love’s a Slap in The Face 1
Forever 6
Silver Spoon 9
Cadillac Dreams 1
King of Hearts 8
The Street Giveth 8
You Love Me To Hate You 7
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell 6
Little Caesar 1
Boomerang 2

Destroyer should feel really proud, beating out Animalize and Hot In The Shade! Here’s hoping the album goes up against a worthy challenger next round (you hear me Ace?). Winner: Destroyer

Wally: Ok, this is quite a pickle for me. I love both of these albums although I agree with some of my colleagues that Destroyer is certainly a touch overrated. Both have special reasons to be chosen here.
Hot In The Shade was that surprise album that really re ignited my interest in KISS after Crazy Nights. The amazing tour that followed, the third row seats, the fight between Paul Stanley and David Coverdale (Whitesnake)here in Toronto, the amazing Sphynx stage show and dammit I love the songs on Hot In The Shade! 
Destroyer, was that magical album that finally got Kiss away from the muddy production of the first three albums. It was also the first album they had the time and money to really get the job done right. For the most part, they really did. Let's face it "Detroit Rock City" and "Shout It Out Loud" are classic rock anthems of epic proportions. Gene's demon theme song "God Of Thunder" was spawned and like it or not Peter's "Beth" sent the album into the mainstream. I also have to give a shout out for "King Of The Night Time World" a personal favourite. Let's face it "ALIVE" was the album that broke KISS but Destroyer was the album that cemented their career in rock n roll history. Lastly it will always be the album that my buddies and I air guitar'd our brains out to in grade 8.
So as much as I want to place my vote with Hot In The Shade, I must salute the classic here. Destroyer for the win. Winner: Destroyer

Round 2 Game 3, Destroyer leaves Hot In The Shade "IN PAIN". Score 4 -1 



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