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Meister Music #8 - The New Black


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Hello and welcome to my new segment called Meister Music.  I often get new music cross my desk from record companies or from my own personal musical searches and adventures.  I thought that this would be a good place to review and post my thoughts on some of this music, maybe turning you onto some new bands or reminding you about some old favourites.  Some of the albums may not always be to my specific taste in music, but I'll give you my honest opinions.  Some of it may not even be the most current as I try to introduce you to some lesser known bands that have crossed my path and become favourites of my listening rotation.  Like what I say or think I'm an idiot?  Please feel free to leave me comments and suggestions as you see fit, it would be great to start a discussion of some of these albums.

The New Black seemed to me to be rather an odd name as I scrolled through the list of new releases sent to me from the record company, but I thought what the hell and gave it a quick spin to see if it was any good.  Good Morning!!!  It was quite good and I found myself easily listening to the album cover to cover on the inaugural run.

The album is titled III: Cut Loose, thereby implying that this is their third recording and my deductive reasoning powers were tip top as that was exactly correct   These Germans got together in 2009 and so far have released a self titled début and the secondary effort II: Better In Black, both of which have now worked their way into the top ten on my wish list of CD's to own.  I love discovering new bands and The New Black is a great one.  The New Black is comprised of Fludid handling vocal duties, Christof Liem and Fabian Schwarz wailing the guitars, Gunt
Auschrat plunking the bass and Chris Weiss bashing the skins.  The New Black have set the stage, opening up for the likes of AC/DC, Alter Bridge, Volbeat and Black Label Society.  On the band's Facebook page the second release is described as follows: .This is our kind of party: Black Label Society bring the booze, Pantera spice it up, Thin Lizzy add some taste, and Alter Bridge smooth it over before Metallica turn it black... And you can be there, too, with the second album by The New Black...  Sounds pretty intriguing to me, so if that's what they say about the second album, let's spin III: Cut Loose and see what we find contained therein.

The album blasts off with Innocence & Time sounding very Motorheadish and making you sit up and take notice right away, like an awakening.  The second track, Count Me In, shows off the band's love of rock with huge riffs and the power of a great song and this groovy anthem moves along nicely.  The powerful stompers Muzzle & Blinkers and Superhuman Mission are sure to have your fists in the air and maybe even a little air-drumming with a couple of pencils....or was that just my reaction?  The title track Cut Loose oozed out of my speakers next, dripping with 80's melody and groove and the appearance of a harmonica to boot.  The next song, Any Colour You Like (As Long As It's Black) while being a sort of theme song for
The New Black could also be easily heard on rock radio with its' catchy sing along chorus.  From there we head into groovy, funky, pounding beat of Burning D followed by high energy and catchy  hooky riffs of Not Quite That Simple.  With it's biting grooves, Sharkpool is a stand out track and quickly becoming my favourite on the record.  The Texas twang beginning of The Unexpected Truth throws another flavour into the mix for another potential radio hit.  The "piss-off" attitude of One Thing I Know seethes through the speakers.  We finish up the album with Antidote and the furious pounding of the cut leaves you wishing there was more as you hit play and start again.

I was pleasantly surprised with the stylish mix of both modern metal and vintage rock and roll (as they have been described), the heavy melodies, abundant catchy riffs and grooves making this a muscular offering that is meaty like the finest prime cut, grade A steaks.  Check it out and crank it up!

The Meister

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