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Meister Music #7 - Meister Finds More Than One Way Home

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Hello and welcome to my new segment called Meister Music.  I often get new music cross my desk from record companies or from my own personal musical searches and adventures.  I thought that this would be a good place to review and post my thoughts on some of this music, maybe turning you onto some new bands or reminding you about some old favourites.  Some of the albums may not always be to my specific taste in music, but I'll give you my honest opinions.  Some of it may not even be the most current as I try to introduce you to some lesser known bands that have crossed my path and become favourites of my listening rotation.  Like what I say or think I'm an idiot?  Please feel free to leave me comments and suggestions as you see fit, it would be great to start a discussion of some of these albums.

MEISTER MUSIC #7 - Meister Finds More Than One Way Home

I had never heard of Voodoo Circle (Alex Beyrodt's) but I received the latest release via download from the record company along with several others at the same time.  I clicked the link to give it a quick listen, hey, what the hell did I have to lose.  And I can tell you, I lost nothing but gained all the way, this is a great album through and through.

Voodoo Circle was formed around 2008 in Germany by Alex Beyrodt, who has played with bands such as Primal Fear, Silent Force and Sinner.  He wanted to create compositions based more on his early influences in music like Rainbow, Whitesnake and Deep Purple.  The first album, simply titled Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle was released in 2008 and was created in bulk by Beyrodt.  Since then the project has
 become more of a collaboration with band members David Readman on vocals, Mat Sinner on bass, Markus Kullman on drums, Jimmy Kresic on keys and of course Alex Beyrodt himself on guitars.  Adopting the motto of "Bringing back the voodoo vibes to hard rock" the band released their second effort, Broken Heart Syndrome in 2011 to German chart success, entering at #64.  Now, they have just recently unleashed their third effort entitled More Than One Way Home and with that Voodoo Circle has cast a spell on the Meister!

Blasting out of the gates furiously with Graveyard City, guitar wizard Alex Beyrodt's sense for great hooks pulls you in.  Tears In The Rain follows and holds up the theme and power of the first track.  Heart Of Babylon sounds so much like a Whitesnake song that I had to check to make sure of what I was listening to!  David Readmen sounds like a younger David Coverdale (back when Whitesnake was good and Coverdale still had a voice) invoking the classic bluesy rock feel.  The keyboard/organ opening of Cry For Love leads the listener into a great power ballad style of track.  The classic bluesy rock feel of Alissa leads us through to The Ghost In Your Heart reminding me of Deep Purple with the
Hammond organ sounds in the forefront, this may just be my favourite on the disc.  The frantic pace of Bane Of My Existence proves this bands capability for powerful riff driven rockers and ramps up the energy perfectly.  The title track, More Than One Way Home, slows the pace again exuding the bluesy feel for another Whitesnakeish style power ballad.  The Killer In You ups the ante again on catchy, hooky riffs, while The Saint And The Sinner is another stand out cut oozing a 70's hard rock feel.  The perfectly wrenching Victim Of Love takes us to the album closer of Open Your Eyes, a live track.

This album rocks from start to finish and it's as simple as that, I only wish I'd discovered it sooner!  The spirit of 70's and 80's bluesy hard rock is alive and well in the hands of this German quintet.  Check out the links and let me know what you think of Voodoo Circle.



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