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Meister Music #3-Resurrect Me!


Hello and welcome to my new segment called Meister Music.  I often get new music cross my desk from record companies or from my own personal musical searches and adventures.  I thought that this would be a good place to review and post my thoughts on some of this music, maybe turning you onto some new bands or reminding you about some old favourites.  Some of the albums may not always be to my specific taste in music, but I'll give you my honest opinions.  Some of it may not even be the most current as I try to introduce you to some lesser known bands that have crossed my path and become favourites of my listening rotation.  Like what I say or think I'm an idiot?  Please feel free to leave me comments and suggestions as you see fit, it would be great to start a discussion of some of these albums.


When I first heard that Pamela Moore would be releasing a new CD of all original material, I was intrigued.  I knew who Pamela Moore was, but was unsure if she could carry an album on her own and just what it would sound like.  I had seen Pamela perform on several occasions and you may have as well although you may not even have realised it at the time.  You see Pamela is best known as the voice of Sister Mary, the reformed hooker-turned-nun from Queensryche's 1988 concept album Operation Mindcrime.  Amidst all the Queensryche drama of late I had recently seen the Todd LaTorre version in Toronto on March 7th, 2013 (QUEENSRYCHE TORONTO) and then caught them again on the Monsters of Rock Cruise and was very impressed both times.  At that March 7th show, I had the pleasure to meet a young lady by the name of Kate through a mutual friend.  My friend, Kate and their group at the concert had played in a Queensryche cover band years ago, so they were all set to be extremely critical and they were impressed.  Then, after Kate caught the Geoff Tate version of Queensryche's show in Las Vegas last month she joined our writing team and reviewed that show as her first piece for Decibel Geek (BATTLE OF THE RYCHE).  So Pamela's album reached my possession at the perfect time.

With a little quick research I discovered that Pamela had been releasing albums for quite some time.  Take A Look in 1981 and You Won't Find Me There in 1982, both only available on vinyl.  R.P.M. with the band Radar in 2000, A Retrospective (EP) in 2004, Stories from A Blue Room in 2006 (with Queensryche's Michael Wilton making a guest appearance), two albums with the band Solna, Sent From Heaven (EP) in 2008 and Eurameric in 2009 and also Second Coming from Eden's Curse in 2008.........wait a minute......I have that album, I had no idea that Pamela appeared on it!  Pamela has appeared on several Queensryche albums since being commissioned as the voice of Sister Mary for the song Suite Sister Mary from their iconic 1988 album, Operation Mindcrime.  I for one will certainly be searching out some of these other Pamela Moore releases after falling for her forthcoming effort.

Her latest CD Resurrect Me is due out Tuesday May 14th, 2013 and can now be pre-ordered through the Ratpak records website.  There is also a really cool fan pack bundle available that includes among other things, a personal thank-you phone call from Pamela herself! (PRE-ORDER PAMELA'S CD)

Also check out Pamela's website (PAMELA MOORE) which contains the latest Pamela news, photos and a section for vocal lessons!  How cool is that?  Only for serious inquiries of course, but if you're a singer in the Seattle or surrounding area, maybe it's something you want to look into.

The rather aptly titled Resurrect Me CD starts off with Acquiescent, and on the first listen (I always make a point to listen to a CD at least three times to fully formulate my opinion) it did not impress me as I found it a little progressive and Pamela's voice a little high pitched for me, but on the second listen that opinion was squashed as I revelled in the heavy riffs of the track and the strength of her vocals.  What the hell was I thinking the first time???  This is a great lead-off track and shows the power of the CD still yet to come.  Melt Into You is just my style of song with a good head banging riff right out of the gate and some tempo changes to keep it fresh and exciting.  The slow grinding pulse of Paranoia drives the song along with more awesome, crunchy riffs.  Check out the very cool and dark video for the track through this link (PARANOIA).  We Are Damaged begins with a heavy riff and pumping bass line, quickly becoming a favourite on the CD.  In the liner notes (yes, I'm a guy who still reads those things and enjoys doing it) Pamela thanks Michael Posch for his "dedication, professionalism, persistence, kick ass musical riffs" and I'd have to agree as this album is absolutely loaded with biting and powerful riffs.  The title track, Resurrect Me starts out slow and is moody, picking up speed about halfway through.  I found myself again flipping back to the CD cover as I listened to the track, noticing that it was a nice three fold colour cover with a couple of photos
inside, one thing's for sure.....Pamela Moore is not overly hard on the eyes.  The Sky Is Falling was next on the roster and explodes through your speakers, powered by another great grinding riff.  Pamela enlists the assistance of Ralf Scheepers from Primal Fear to help her with the vocals of this strong piece.  The thumping bass line at the beginning of Awakening soon gives way to the power of the guitar and Jeff Loomis from the band Nevermore lends his guitar virtuosity to the track as it showcases Pamela's strong vocal ranges.  Breaking Down begins slow and moody again, serving as a break in the riff laden assault as the ballad track of the compilation.  Back to the riff onslaught with Desperate By Design, a furious track that, along with another one discovered recently, I'll be adding to my gym workout mix!  The album closer Wide Awake (Phoenix Rising) clocks in as the longest track at over six minutes and is a fitting closer to end the roller coaster ride of thrills that is Pamela Moore's Resurrect Me.

And there we have it, the forthcoming release from Pamela Moore and a fine effort she and writing partner Michael Posch have turned out here.  I wonder how our Sister Mary feels about all the Queensryche drama of late?  All I can say for certain is that there's some buzz on the Todd LaTorre version's (the real and only version if you're asking me) Facebook page.  They posted a nice little congratulations to Pamela on the video release and CD and it was suggested by some fans that she open for Queensryche's future shows!  What a fabulous idea, I for one would certainly fork over good money to see that pairing happen!

The Meister


Unknown said...

Great review!! I can't wait to hear this album. I hope she does open up for Queensryche. That would be AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Pamela opening for Queensryche!! now that is a Great Idea!! doesn't sound like there is a bad track on this album...great review!!

The Meister said...

It truly is a great album......I just listened to it again today!

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