Sunday, May 19, 2013

Episode 85 - Sight for Sore Ears


It may not be well-known but, according to the National Eye Institute, May is Healthy Vision Month. We thought we would help spread the word and enjoy some good music at the same time. Here's what the National Eye Institute wants to tell you:

"Millions of people living in the United States have undetected vision problems, eye diseases, and conditions. HVM is designed to elevate vision as a health priority for the Nation by promoting the importance of early detection and treatment, as well as the use of proper eye safety practices, in preventing vision loss and blindness.
One of the most important things people can do to protect their vision is to schedule a comprehensive dilated eye exam. In this painless procedure, an eye care professional examines the eyes to look for common vision problems and eye diseases, many of which have no early warning signs. A comprehensive dilated eye exam can detect eye diseases and conditions in their early stages, before vision loss occurs. Early detection and treatment can help to save your sight."
With that said, we thought we'd celebrate Healthy Vision Month by spinning some songs that refer, in the title, to sight/vision is some form. Here we go.
After deciding on the title for this episode, Chris' first choice came very easily. From 1977's Draw the Line album, we kick things off with Aerosmith performing 'Sight for Sore Eyes.'
Aaron starts his sight-related picks with a track from the oft-overlooked 1995 release from Dokken; Dysfunctional. This album marked the return of George Lynch. We spin the opening track, 'Inside Looking Out.'
Electric Six
Chris decided to do some digging in research for this episode. A nugget was found in the vast space that is youtube with his choice of the track 'Night Vision' off Electric Six's 2005 release Switzerland.
Aaron's next pick is 'Eyes of a Strager.' Wait, before you think it's the well-known Queensryche track, think again. This great sing comes from the appropriately-titled Visual Lies album from Lizzy Borden and is a great addition to the show.
We return from break one with a selection from Motley Crue's debut album Too Fast for Love. While filled with lots of great hook-y songs, Too Fast....sports one track that fits in with our vision-themed show as we spin 'Starry Eyes.'
Up next is Aaron's choice of a bonus track from Ozzy Osbourne's iconic Blizzard of Oz release. Featuring some seering Randy Rhoads guitar work, 'You Lookin' at Me, Lookin' at You' is a testimony to the strength of material being created by the gone-too-soon guitarist and the Prince of Darkness.
Chris keeps the Crazy Train on track as we segue into a double-dose of Ozzy with his choice of 'Looking for Tomorrow' from the classic Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album from 1973.
One band that doesn't get nearly the amount of recognition it deserves is Turbonegro. We try to alleviate that problem with Aaron's choice of 'If You See Kaye' from their Party Animals album.
We close out the show with Chris' choice of a KISS track that appeared on two different albums in the band's catalog with different personnel. 'See You in Your Dreams' was selected from Rock and Roll Over and features some powerful drumming from Peter Criss and a great solo from Ace Frehley.
Playing things out this week is a fantastic cover of a sight-related classic that's all about focus. Aaron's choice of At Vance's version of 'Eye of the Tiger' is a motivating way to finish things off.

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Brian McKinny said...

Looking For Today was a very nice surprise! Kudos on the pick!! BTW, I love the podcast!

RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

Another great music show. Can't get this stuff anywhere else. Listen, your interview shows are great, and the year in review shows are always entertaining, but nothing beats playing great music.

Best classic song you played: Starry Eyes. Love this song and album. Totally raw, totally smokin'.

Biggest surprise song for me: Lizzy Borden's Eyes Of A Stranger. I've certainly heard of this band, but never heard much of anything from them. I'm glad to have heard this, nice pick.

Best new song for me: Easily, Night Vision by Electric Six. This song was so good. You know what vibe I got? Believe it or not, The Cars. Just go back and listen to it, The Cars sound is there. This album now resides in my Amazon wish list and will be picked up next time I make a purchase, thanks to you Decibel Geeks.

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