Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kahuna Files: Top 10 Metal Songs Called "Night Stalker"


1. WOLF - "Night Stalker" (2002)

Wolf formed in Sweden in 1995 but their first album didn't come out until 2000. "Night Stalker" is on their awesome second album, Black Wings, which was one of my favorite metal albums of 2002. The band's sixth album, Legions of Bastards, came out in 2011.

2. CLOVEN HOOF - "Nightstalker" (1984)

3. PEGAZUS - "Night Stalker" (2002)

Pegazus is an Australian heavy metal band that formed in 1993 and signed with Nuclear Blast in 1998. After a nine year wait their fifth album, In Metal We Trust, finally came out in 2011. "Night Stalker" is from their fourth album, The Horseless Horseman.

4. MATAKOPAS - "Night Stalker" (1987)

Matakopas formed in Rome, New York in 1985 and released an album called Coming Out Ahead in 1987. It contained a song called "Night Stalker."

5. ANTHEM - "Night Stalker" (1988)

Anthem is a Japanese metal band that formed in Tokyo in 1980. They released sixteen albums between 1985 and 2012. "Night Stalker" appears on their fifth album Gypsy Ways.

6. STORMWITCH - "Night Stalker" (1985)

Stormwitch are a German metal band formed in 1981. Their first album, Walpurgis Night, is a classic. "Night Stalker" is from their second album, Tales of Terror.

7. HADES - "Nightstalker" (1987)

Hades formed in New Jersey in 1978 and their first single was released in 1982. They were one of the first east coast thrash metal bands, alongside Anthrax. "Nightstalker" is from their classic 1987 album Resisting Success.

8. VALHALLA - "Night Stalker" (1984)

Valhalla formed in Pittsburgh in 1978 as a covers band. Influenced by the NWOBHM they released a six song EP in 1984. A CD compilation of their early material called Return of the Mystic Warrior was released in 2001. Singer David Fefolt went on to sing for Metal Method guitar virtuoso Doug Marks' L.A. band Hawk on their 1986 album (also featuring Matt Sorum) and later joined Fifth Angel.

9. BRIGHTON ROCK - "Nightstalker" (1991)

Brighton Rock were a Canadian hard rock band that formed in 1982. Following a self-released EP they signed with WEA and released their first album, Young Wild & Free, in 1986. They released two more albums before breaking up in 1991. "Nightstalker" is from their last album, Love Machine.

10. BEWITCHED - "The Night Stalker" (1997)

Bewitched are a Swedish black metal band formed in 1995. 

Honorable mentions:

AC/DC - "Night Prowler"

JUDAS PRIEST - "Night Crawler"

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