Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fresh Blood: The Biters


     The Biters formed in Atlanta in 2009 after the demise of singer/guitarist Tuk's previous band, Poison Arrows, and they are, in my opinion, the best American rock and roll band to surface in years. Their first EP came out in March of 2010 and since then they've released three more EP's, the most recent of which, the four-song Last of a Dying Breed, came out in December of last year. The first three EP's are all out of print, but still available on iTunes. The second and third EPs, It's Okay to Like the Biters and All Chewed Up, were reissued as a single LP called It's All Chewed Up, OK? which is still available at their website, you have to buy it on vinyl but it comes with a CD of the songs as well. So the Biters have released 21 songs in less than three years but still no full length album. My worst fear is that a band this good won't last because there is not enough support for great rock and roll in the United States. The state of rock and roll in America is an embarassment, but luckily a great band like the Biters are keeping rock alive. How could any rock fan resist songs this good? Check out this live performance of "Hang Around" from the first EP:

     And then there is the sheer brilliance of "Melody For Lovers" from the second EP. It's like a Rick Springfield/Cheap Trick mash-up.

     You might like "Born To Cry" from All Chewed Up.

     And you have to hear the band's best song yet, in my opinion, a sonic blast of Cheap Tricky goodness called "Hallucination Generation" from their most recent release, Last of a Dying Breed.

I am begging you, support the Biters! 

Buy their EP's on iTunes:

Order the It's All Chewed Up, OK? LP/CD combo for $15.00:

Order Last of a Dying Breed on LP or CD:

"Like" their Facebook page:

Help keep rock and roll alive!

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