Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anvil smashes The Who


Andrew Jacobs here,

It's rare when a cover version of a legendary band's/artist's song sounds as good as the original and it's even more rare when a cover version sounds better than the original.  However, in my not so humble opinion, Anvil's (featuring Franky Perez) cover of The Who's "Slip Kid" (which appears on the excellent Songs Of Anarchy: Music From Sons Of Anarchy Seasons 1-4 compilation soundtrack) is superior to the original in every way.  Give it a whirl below. *

* Yes, this is old news. However, as with almost all the great things in life, I didn't hop on the SOA bandwagon until late last year, so you're probably going to be seeing me post a lot about both SOA and the music from SOA going forward.  I apologize in advance for this.

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Rocketdog2000 said...

Good cover, but W.A.S.P. beat them to them punch way back in 1989. They did a rather excellent take on The Who's "The Real Me" on the album "The Headless Children".

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