Monday, December 3, 2012

new/old blood - Jeff Caudill


Andrew Jacobs here,

Like Popeye, the last "new/old blood" artist, Jeff Caudill also hails from the Orange County, California hardcore punk scene that I grew up in back in the 1980s and the 1990s.  After singing in a bunch of bands while in high school, he entered the real world in 1990 with Gameface.  Gameface would go on to release 5 full length albums (including the stellar Good and Three To Get Ready), 6 EPs, two singles and make appearances on numerous compilation albums as well as going on several tours before disbanding in 2003.  During Gameface's long existence, Caudill also fronted a band called March (who did one full length album titled Turn) and released two EPs' worth of solo material as well.

In addition to his exceptional musical abilities, Caudill is also an accomplished artist and has drawn and/or designed several record covers and the accompanying artwork for all of his bands as well as many others.

After Gameface's break up in 2003, Caudill immediately began writing and recording what would become his first solo full length album, 2005's Here's What You Should Do.  More EPs and appearances on compilation albums would follow.  His second full length solo album, Try To Be Here, was released in 2008.  That same year, Caudill would also release a full length album collaboration with German electronic artist David Stoll a.k.a. The Beep under the name Floormodel and titled Random Access Memories.  And if all of that wasn't enough, also in 2008, Caudill would form yet another band, Your Favorite Trainwreck, with his good friend and fellow OC hardcore punk scene alumnus Popeye.  Their self-titled debut full length album was released in June of 2012.

On a personal note, I've known Caudill since 1991 and I consider him to be one of the most honest and down to earth people that I've met via the OC hardcore punk scene (and as somebody who's been a resident of OC for 35 years, believe me when I tell you that honest and down to earth people are in VERY short supply both in OC and in California in general).  For that alone, I am grateful to know him.

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