Monday, December 10, 2012

KISS unplugged in Burbank, CA on 6/17/95 (FULL SET)


Andrew Jacobs here,

Above is a video of KISS's entire unplugged performance at the very first Official KISS Convention in Burbank, California on June 17, 1995.  This performance is significant for a variety of reasons but for me, the most significant thing about it is that as of this writing, it is the one and only time that I've ever seen KISS perform in person in my 19 years of being a KISS fan.  While I'm certainly not at all happy about this fact, I also honestly don't know if my 42 year old fully domesticated and homebodied ass will ever make it to an actual KISS concert before they retire, so this could very well be it for me as far as live and in person KISS goes.  Nevertheless, this was an absolutely unforgettable performance and I must once again say a BIG thank you to my best friend Chad Sanford for getting me into the $100 a head Convention for FREE (and, of course, I must once again say sorry to Gene as well).

Comin' Home
Rock Bottom
Plaster Caster
C'mon And Love Me
Do You Love Me?
Let Me Know
A World Without Heroes
Goin' Blind
Got To Choose
All American Man
See You Tonite
Hard Luck Woman
Love Theme From KISS
Nothin' To Lose
Take Me
Calling Dr. Love
Almost Human
Camptown Races
Winchester Cathedral
I Still Love You

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