Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buried Treasure - BOD!


Welcome to the first ever "Buried Treasure" column where I will dig through my CD collection in search of albums that deserve a little time in the spotlight for one reason or another. I would love to see this column go completely "interactive". So to the Decibel Geeks that might be reading this, it would be awesome if you would dig out an album of yours that you feel is worth sharing with friends, maybe something a little lesser known or overlooked and let us know whether on the Facebook page or on the comments here.

So on my way home from some Christmas shopping, I listened to an album that I haven't spun in some months and by the second song I knew I was on my way home to write this article. This album kicked my ass in 2004 and literally renewed my interest and faith in Rock n Roll, and today all those feelings came rushing back as the album filled my ears through my ipod.

When I first got wind that Nikki Sixx had joined forces with Tracii Guns to form Brides of Destruction, I had to say I was almost aroused. L.A. Guns and the Crue have always been near the top of my favourite band lists. Motley was my first concert ever and Tracii is far and away my favourite guitar player on the planet. This band was the perfect recipe to knock some sense back into a very boring musical landscape.

"Here Come The Brides" released March 9th, 2004 delivered everything I wanted. Nine hard hitting, sleazy, snotty, down and dirty tracks that make you feel absolutely filthy after a good listen. This album combined a perfect blend of melodic sensibility with a shotgun blast to the face PUNK attitude. I was so happy when it came out, it was the perfect album at the perfect time. No apologies, "your one and only Cockstar!" I Loved This Album"

From the gritty bass intro to "Shut the Fuck Up" all the way through to the hauntingly edgy "Only Get So Far" the songs on this album are well crafted and performed flawlessly. London LeGrand's vocals are raw and honest and perfect for the album and Tracii never disappoints, playing his heart out. My favourite track is by far "Natural Born Killers" that is just an absolute blast to play on my bass. Truly one of my favourite albums of all time and I would put it up against any Crue or LA Guns album and that is high praise in my book.

Unfortunately it was not to last as Nikki Sixx followed the money trail back to a Motley reunion (can't blame him) and although Traci would take another run at it with 2005's "Runaway Brides" (also a solid album), the magic that was SIXX and GUNS together was gone after a very short honeymoon.

Fortunately though, the music lasts forever and for those that care to seek it out "Here Come The Brides" will always be a great reminder of a truly great band that could've, would've, should've been huge. This is my first pick for "Buried Treasure" albums. What's yours?

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