Sunday, November 25, 2012

Orange Crappy


Andrew Jacobs here,

Although I've been known to be quite critical of my hometown of Orange County, California (as well as California in it's entirety), for the most part, I am grateful to have grown up there.  Having all different varieties of restaurants & stores literally within walking distance of each other and being able to walk to said restaurants & stores most of the year due to the weather almost always being not too hot and not too cold is a beautiful thing.  And living less than two hours away from the entertainment capital of the world (a.k.a. Hollywood) afforded me the luxury of visiting that crazy place many times throughout my teens & 20s and once I had my fill of it, I could retreat home to the much less crazy OC.

Having said that, OC is also responsible for some of the most dreadful bands/artists ever to be shat out of the music industry's anus.  What follows is a list of some of those bands/artists and why I, like most of you, hate them with a passion.

No Doubt

The cream of the crap.  Neutered rock at it's most neutered.

Gwen Stefani

Even worse than No Doubt if that's possible (OH IT IS).

The Offspring

While Green Day tends to get blamed the most for punk going corporate in the 1990s, I point my finger squarely at Dexter and company.  Milktoasty punk at it's most milktoasty.

Sugar Ray

Almost as neutered sounding as No Doubt.  And to top it off, Mark McGrath is the epitome of smug douchebaggery.

Rebecca Black

Being as how her parents were mostly responsible for forcing her upon the world's collective eardrum, I consider her the least sucky of all this suckage.

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