Friday, November 30, 2012

new/old blood - Popeye


Andrew Jacobs here,

I've decided to make this "new/old blood" thing (where I post about bands/artists whose members have been a part of their respective music scenes for 20 or more years and who are still active in the 2010s) a series of sorts here on the Decibel Geek website.  Today's featured artist goes by the name of Popeye.

Popeye hails from the same Orange County, California hardcore punk scene that I grew up in back in the 1980s and the 1990s (speaking of which, the 1990s portion was documented quite well in my brother Evan's Orange County Hardcore Scenester documentary film).  He began his musical career playing guitar in a number of bands and in 1989, he became the singer/guitarist for Farside, one of the best and most prolific bands to emerge from the OC hardcore punk scene of the 1990s (and, of course, Farside was documented quite well in my brother Evan's Orange County Hardcore Scenester documentary film).  Farside would go on to release 3 full length albums (including the superb Rochambeau and Rigged), two EPs and play countless shows throughout both the United States and Europe before disbanding in 2000.

In the mid 2000s, Popeye joined forces with his good friend and fellow 1990s OC hardcore punk scene musician Jeff Caudill ("new/old blood" post on him forthcoming) and played guitar & sang in Caudill's solo band.  Then in 2008, Popeye and Caudill formed Your Favorite Trainwreck and released their first full length album in June of this year.

After listening to Farside fans clamor for a reunion for over a decade, in 2012, Popeye decided to satiate the demand somewhat by playing a series of solo acoustic shows where he only plays Farside songs. His next performance will be at the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary at the House Of Blues in Chicago, IL on 1/6/13.

On a personal note, Popeye is one of my brother Evan's best friends and has been Evan's friend and my friend as well for over 20 years.  He has been there for both Evan and for me during many of our darkest times, including the deaths of our mother and, most recently, our father.  I am very proud to be both a fan and a friend of Popeye.

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