Monday, November 12, 2012

David Coverdale


The lead singer is the man who has the plan. He's the one that gets the crowd hyped and excited, and ready to go. From time to time groups break up with their lead singer. Sometimes they end their relationship quietly, sometimes the breakup can lead to a fist fight, or court. In the case of David Coverdale, for him ending Whitesnake meant simply. starting over

Back peddle to 1997. Whitesnake is climbing the charts, the guys seem to be getting along, and Coverdale, is not happy. As the story goes, his record company was wanting him to go in a direction that he didn't want to go. Around this time, the "glam" movement was taking over metal at an alarming rate. Now, as the story goes, Coverdale was told the guys should start wearing a lil more eyeliner, maybe some gloss. Doll up a lil bit. And as any metal fan knows, this was the beginning of the end. Anyone who is a fan of Coverdale knows he wasn't having it. David Coverdale is no glitz, no glamour, just balls out straight up bluesy rock singing.  So what do you do when you in a corner? You come out fighting, but first, you disband the band and go on a break. Get back to who you are, and remember where you came from. And that's what Coverdale did, releasing a solo album entitled "Into the Light"

Coverdale wrote almost all the songs and produced all the songs. He reunited with guitar great Adrian Vandenberg (sexy) to write the song "Too Many Tears". While the album was not what many would consider a commerical success, the album did however bring David Coverdale to a new audience of fans, and his older fans as well. This opened the flood doors for his earlier music to be re-discovered.

The album, however did do rather well on the British Charts, coming in at #75, on the top 100.
By most music standards, this is a flop. But to fans of Coverdale and his was a sweet sweet redemption, and a return to his music, and his fans. although it was not a chart topping success, it did give Coverdale the momentum to bring back Whitesnake and start recording under the name again. This was good news to Whitesnake fans. Coverdale came back with a new band, a new attitude and a new release on life...simply put Coverdale got his mojo back.

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