Sunday, November 18, 2012

Band on the Rise


I have often imagined what it would have been like to have been at the Whiskey a Go-Go seeing Motley Crue before they were signed. It must have been incredible seeing Metallica playing at the clubs in the Bay area. What it would have been like to see Kiss opening for the Bratz in 1973?

Last night I feel I got a taste of what that might be like. Witnessed a band I have seen a couple of times before but I have to say that something was just "different" this time. The buzz surrounding this band is really starting to swell as they travelled to Toronto to rock out at the Bovine Club.

First up on a three band bill is usually the slot you will find a band providing background noise for a few barflies and maybe a couple of diehards as the "cool" people are far to important to arrive at such an early hour. Not on this night, the Bovine was packed tight as West Memphis Suicide ripped into their opening number, "Sixx Feet" from the Ressurrecting the Ghost CD.

There was absolutely no question who these people were here to see. Of the estimated 200 people crammed into this club prbably 60% or more were sporting various "West Memphis Suicide" T-shirts and the second the band hit the stage they were front and center, ready to rock. I chose a spot just a little to the side of the stage which gave me a great view of both the band as well as the rock thirsty audience.

Knowing they had limited time, they never slowed down and churned out a set of high energy, ear splitting metal with just enough melody to have the girls dancing up front. Treating us to not one, but two brand new songs including the new video for "Dying Breed", these guys sounded so fucking tight, that it truly was a magical night in Toronto. The sleazy "Cocked and Loaded" was off the hook good and the Jack Daniels soaked sound of "Delta Bruise" was a personal highlight.

West Memphis Suicide really seem poised for the next level. Amazing musicians, some of the strongest songs I have ever heard and a live show that is over the top with energy and fun. As they were midway through their set, I looked at the crowd and then back at Chris Raposo belting out his vocals and couldn't help but think that I just witnessed a band on the rise. Regardless of that, they have won a DirtBag for life!

To hear some of the tunes played that night head over here...

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Anonymous said...

How awesomely written!!! This is how i feel and have felt since the very first WMS show a long time ago!! So proud to have new people join the family that will spread the word about being a dirtbag! I bow to you sir!!

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