Friday, September 7, 2012

Queensryche: Operation Splitsville



Operation Splitsville

Bryan Martin

     The word, QUEENSRYCHE, caught my eye as I walked down the record store aisle. Those days you could tell an album was going to be good just by the band name. Anthrax, Motorhead, w.a.s.p..So I bought it and I was blown away. The vocals, the guitars, the raw intensity. Unmatched then or now for the genre. Then came “The Warning” with its post world war 3 quasi prog metal assault. Not only could these guys shred, they were lyrically very much ahead of the pack. This was the heavy metal version of Rush my friends and I were looking for (imagine that).
    Now many life times later....the band queensryche is layed low by the very egos that helped create it. No one is talking about what really went down and maybe it doesn’t matter. Geoff Tate on That Metal Show simply shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t know what happened”. Come on mr. Tate you can’t expect your record buying public to believe that do you? And the rest of the band is quietly fighting a legal battle to keep the name. No one is talking. Shame. Van Halen...o.k. I get it......guns and roses...o.k..i understand it.....great white....understand that too....but hell even tommy lee came back to motley crue.
   Two queensryches? No. I understand Mr. Tate has assembled an all star line up for his “solo” album. cool..just don’t ask them to play “I am I” or any other crap after Empire. And the old band..I mean new confusing..yes I have heard the new singer...he rips...I get it. But what is the point. Make a new band. Move on.
   Understand this, Queensryche is one of my all time favorite bands. I still have that cassette with the cool looking name on the cover. For me, for your fans, repay our least give a full explanation, honestly and truthfully.

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