Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Gene, I Trust


Andrew Jacobs here,

Gene Simmons can safely add one more achievement to his enormous and ever-growing legacy - authoring The Bible.  No, not THAT Bible (though that one certainly does come in handy whenever I run out of toilet paper).  I'm speaking, of course, about his 2003 Sex Money KISS book.

Sex Money KISS is a crash course in Gene's life philosophy.  And what does Gene's life philosophy consist of?  Well, certainly sex.  At last count, I believe he's topped out at close to 5000 sexual partners in his 63 years of life.  Then, of course, there's money.  A Google search of the words "Gene Simmons net worth" puts it at $300 million as of 2011.  Finally, there's KISS.  And if you're a Decibel Geek regular, nothing more needs to be said with regard to that.

The main reason why I hold Sex Money KISS in such high regard is because despite having all but conquered the world (certainly the world of entertainment anyway) and having made a HELLUVA lot more money than Mitt Romney, Gene still believes in working your ass off every single second of every single day and, to paraphrase him, sleeping when you're dead.  Gene has taken (and continues to take) the cliché of working hard and playing hard to a whole other level.  Although many people think to the contrary, one cursory glance at his unbelievable life makes it painfully obvious that Gene cares just as much about work itself and keeping oneself busy with work as he does about making an enormous profit from said work.  And that is something (hell, probably the ONLY thing) that I agree 200% with Gene on.

I'd also like to say that I give Gene a pass on his flip-flop with regard to his views on marriage, which are also discussed thoroughly in Sex Money KISS.  As somebody who has been happily married for almost 8 and a half years, I applaud Gene for finally marrying Shannon Tweed and I don't personally think that he compromised in the least because of it.

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