Saturday, September 22, 2012

HumaleboobalaybeebalayBOP! Crazy from the Heat.


The first book I have chosen to look at for our "Library of Loud" week is a book I that I have unfortunately lost and have been searching to have it replaced. David Lee Roth released his biography(?) "Crazy From The Heat" back in 1998.

First, it should be noted that David Lee Roth writes much like he talks. Therefore, you have a book that jumps around a lot but is guaranteed to be entertaining as hell. I have always called it the perfect bathroom book because essentially it's David just sharing a thousand short stories. Throughout them all you do get a full biography but told in very "crazy" way. Chapters vary in length from one page to at most 4 or 5. Perfect for those small breaks if you know what I mean.

From what I read back when the book was released. When DLR decided to write the book, he used no outside or ghost writers and supposedly brought the publishers a complete 1000 plus page draft ready for publication! That obviously didn't end up as the finished product but we did get 300 pages or so of amazing stories, told by one of the biggest, most colourful personalities in rock.

Included in this book you will find stories that include the truth behind the brown M&M's, another use for highway glue, the insanity that are the Van Halen brothers, how he won the Kodak Cinematography Award, getting "fished" on tour and some of his amazing world travels and adventures.

This guy chooses to live life, rather than watch it go by and his book is no exception. My favourite story is the time he decided in a snowstorm to cross country ski from his hotel to the stadium for that nights show. He and his bodyguard stop about halfway at a little bar where he meets a little old lady. He shares lunch and some stories with her and later sends a limo to pick her up and bring her to her very first rock concert. There's a lot more to the story and a few hundred more in the book.

Definitely one of my all time favourite reads, entertaining from page one...Now I could just find it again.

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