Thursday, August 23, 2012

King Diamond , Abigail 1987


King Diamond

Bryan Martin
     " Abigail" is one of the musical highlights of King's career. This haunted metal opus is a classic, from the beginning  strange voices in "Funeral", to the last metal echoes of "The Possession".  Diving into this album with some candles lit on a cold New England October Night and you will wake up in a whole new reality. Each song creeps up behind you and scares you into metal overdrive. Simply some of the greatest twin guitar work recorded so far. The overall expression in the vocals as the story unfolds, allows the songs to wrap around your ears like a fog  until the crisp guitar shredding pounds the fear deep within your soul. This is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for mere "music" lovers. This is an epic tale that combines the massive drummer cacophony and the staggered guitar assault to bludgeon the message home. The title track, "Abigail" is king's very best offering to date. This album is a landmark creation that cries in the night like a banshee to be heard. Screaming down the empty back roads on some desolate, remote, barely lit, road with this cranking, leads the mind to envision all sorts of things.
If 1987 could be remembered for one thing it should be this album.

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Unknown said...

Absolutely, 100%, dead on the money. A perfect metal album.

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