Monday, August 13, 2012

it ain't heavy metal, it's my brother's documentary on '90s Orange County hardcore music


Andrew Jacobs here,

Long before I joined the KISS Army or worshipped at the altar of Black Sabbath, I was an Orange County hardcore scenester.  In the '80s, while most of you were listening to the aforementioned KISS, Sabbath and all the other bands discussed here on Decibel Geek, I was listening to Minor Threat, Uniform Choice, Youth Of Today, Dag Nasty, The Descendents, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, etc.

Then the '90s came and with it came a whole batch of new hardcore bands (some of the members of said bands had even been in hardcore bands in the '80s).  Although I was in my 20s at this point, I developed a deep connection with both the bands of this era as well as with the '90s hardcore era itself (hence my 3+ year writing gig with the '90s hardcore webzine Stuck In The Past, which I'm still proudly doing even at the ripe old age of 42).

Enough about me though.

My brother Evan has spent the past several years painstakingly documenting the '90s Orange County hardcore scene and Orange County Hardcore Scenester is the end result of all of his hard work.  It's not rock and it's not metal but as you'll see in the documentary, there were certainly elements of both in the '90s Orange County hardcore scene, a scene which spawned one of the most popular '90s rock/metal bands in the world, Rage Against The Machine.

Orange County Hardcore Scenester is available for purchase on DVD here.

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So, where is the documentary? The links are silent.

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