Friday, August 17, 2012



Among The Living

Bryan Martin

    A pivotal album released in 1987 by Megaforce Records, this is Anthrax at the height of its power. The lineup is solid. Charlie Benante on drums, Frank Bello on bass, Scott Ian on rhythm guitar, Dan Spitz handling lead, and The mighty Joey Belladonna on vocals. This is the classic lineup that saw the rise of this pioneering metal super band. Songs like “I am The Law”, and “Caught In A Mosh”. “Indians” are pure finely crafted metal masterpieces. The title track alone is worthy of some stellare mentions on the wall of metal. “Among The Living” is Anthrax at their best. The association between the metal world and the world of comic books and horror movies is solidified with this album. This is where it all started. “One World”, and “Imitation Of LIfe” show a more complex writing style that further propels them on later albums. This is the one thrash album you must own when the appacolypse begins. Zombies? No problem. crank up “caught In a Mosh” and start running.

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