Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Episode 41 - KISS Kovers


After such a great response to our Lydia Criss conversation in week 1, KISSMAS in July shifts into a new gear with Chris and Aaron's favorite KISS Kover songs taking center stage. When researching covers of KISS songs, it quickly became apparent that KISS has influenced artists from just about every genre of music (we couldn't find any jazz KISS covers).

While there were, of course, plenty of examples of straight-ahead rock bands paying homage to the hottest band in the land; the covers from the worlds of disco, pop, folk, bluegrass, and death metal really surprised us.

We must give credit to the fine folks of KISSFAQ for providing such a great, deep discography of pretty much anything and everything KISS and related.
The tribute album section includes officially released product as well as 5 (and counting) tribute albums that were produced by KISSFAQ forum members. Now, THAT'S a devoted following!

 Obviously, with so many cover songs existing, it would impossible to even include a fraction of them in this episode. So, with that said, Aaron and Chris ventured to celebrate KISSMAS in July by playing their favorite covers. A lot of digging went into these picks and we hope that you are turned onto some great stuff. If so, click one of the links below to hear more of these great KISS-inspired artists. Rock on!

Axel Rudi Pell
Double Virgo
Skid Row
Galactic Cowboys
Dinosaur Jr.
Hair of the Dog
Rodrigo Gonzalez

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Anonymous said...

Love the show always!


RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

That's some great Kiss Kovers guys. That Skid Row cover is really cool. Just a good, strait ahead, hard rockin' cover.

I have albums by ZO2 and Galactic Cowbows, but I've never heard either cover.

And you are right on about the Kissettes. I Just Wanna, oh yes I do.

I think the overall most interesting cover you played was by Axel Rudi Pell. I've heard of this band, but I've never heard any of their music. It was a really cool arrangement. I like that they slowed it down, and somehow it really worked well. The only drawback to it was the lack of that signature drum sound and the Ace solo. I know it would have been difficult to work in, but I still would like to hear it.

Goin' Blind is one of the all-time underrated Kiss songs. And finally, nobody does a better Kiss cover than Anthrax. Hearing them play it really brings out the incredible riff that pushes this song.

Nice show dudes.

Craig said...

KISS fact... Galactic Cowboys' singer is Eric Singer's cousin.

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