Wednesday, June 20, 2012

unbelievably good albums with unbelievably bad album covers: DLR (David Lee Roth) Band - self-titled


Andrew Jacobs here,

I've decided to introduce a new post series to the Decibel Geek website - unbelievably good albums with unbelievably bad album covers.  This series will focus on, well, unbelievably good albums with unbelievably bad album covers (and there's certainly no shortage of those).

To kick things off, I give you 1998's DLR (David Lee Roth) Band - self-titled.

This is, pound for pound, my favorite Roth solo album. The only other solo album of his that even comes close for me is Skyscraper (and before you ask, YES, I like Skyscraper better than Eat 'Em And Smile). From start to finish, the DLR Band album kicks the crap out of all things Van Hagar. Now, before both of you Sammy fans flood the site with hate email, will you at least consider listening to the DLR Band album first? Just click here.  PLEASE.

Had this been released as a Van Halen album around the time of their first reunion with Roth in the mid 1990s, it would've EASILY sold 3 million.  As it stands however, it probably hasn't even sold 3 thousand.

But then again, that godawful album cover certainly didn't help matters.  Yuck.  Looks more Romney than Roth to me.


Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree. That's the iconic Bettie Page! Pin-up queen of all time and on numerous album covers (see Lords Of Acid's "Sexplosion" for example. That album cover screams American sex and rock'n'roll...harkening back to the 50's when rockers rocked with no other agenda other than for the sheer joy of it.

Anonymous said...

Great album cover. You are completely off base here.

Anonymous said...

It's My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, not Lords of Acid, who did Sexplosion!.

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